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Dr. Henry Morgentaler IS NOT credible
Update 02.03.12: We have been able to fix many of the dead links in this article.

Pro-choice advocates often like to use statements from Dr. Henry Morgentaler when defending their position on how "safe" legal abortion is today as compared to the "back alley butchers" of the days prior to Roe V. Wade. An example of a commonly cited reference follows:

"Illegal abortions involve enormous hazards to women's lives and health: this fact is indisputable and even the arch foes of abortion themselves acknowledge it. In the sixties, a World Health Organization publication estimated that 100,000 women died each year [worldwide] from the complications of illegal abortions. The morbidity (disease) figures from the same cause would reach into the millions. Unfortunately, the extent of the illegal abortion phenomenon and its consequences have never been properly assessed: we have to be content with rough estimates. Researchers agree that there is about one death for every 100 illegal abortions, but they acknowledge that this figure can vary from one country to the next. In countries where medical services are available to treat women for the complications arising from an abortion, the mortality rate is much lower." H. Morgentaler, Abortion and Contraception (1982) pp. 110-11.

However, there is a wealth of revealing information and bad press following Dr. Henry Morgentaler - enough to make him a completely uncredible source for such information. So, if someone uses Dr. Henry Morgentaler as a reference for justifying his/her stance, one might want to provide the following information.

Thank you Sass, for gathering the following information and allowing me to post it!

Starting with Inside Edmonton's Morgentaler Clinic, this linked article, shows that there is warranted concern about shoddy practices at his clinics. If the man can't be sure to run a respectable clinic, can you trust his stats?

The Morgentaler clinic, as presented in this trial, is clearly a very unhappy workplace with high turnover and low morale. This is not surprising given the grisly work conducted there. But, the details of shoddy medical practice, alleged by Linda Steeves in her letter to Susan Fox, should be grounds for a thorough investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

This, they tell us, is so much safer than a back alley abortion. Can anyone tell the difference? Oh yes, we, the taxpayers, pay for all of these abortions.

In this news clip, Abortion doctor, nurse's penalty cut to $600,000, we see again, that there is warranted concern for the safety of abortions in general, and for the practices that this man seems to condone. Is this the type of person that one should trust?

A doctor and nurse at Halifax's Morgentaler clinic are liable for a head-on collision after they let a distraught patient drive home, but they'll pay about $120,000 less in damages, the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal has ruled.

At trial, MacLellan found the clinic had a no-driving policy and ruled Dr. Jacques Desrosiers and recovery nurse Jean Palmer should have realized MacPhail was upset about having the abortion from comments she made. MacLellan awarded MacPhail $722,352 in damages, mostly for nursing wages lost over a lifetime.

Still more in this article which elaborates more on the issue of the victim being upset over the abortion, fine "counseling" she was given!

He found MacPhail, a nurse and mother of four, didn't want to have the abortion but chose to do so largely because her husband was upset by her pregnancy.

And A blast from Morgentaler's past., has some really interesting information regarding who might actually be responsible for the bombings at his clinics.

The Shofar FTP Archive File has an entry regarding the above. Scroll down to 5.11 - The Morgentaler Bombing, to see for yourself.

Skeletons in the closet is just so chock full of reasons NOT to give anything Morgentaler says ANY credence, that you'll have to read it yourself.

Still more about the man portrayed as championing for women's health, safety and rights... Morgentaler re-used instruments despite maker's warning Yes, do trust this man :-P

This one, Morgentaler insists woman was not mistreated takes the cake!

I challenge anyone to read these articles, and still believe that this man is out to do anything other than create himself a place... yes any place in history, and to make money. Champion for women's health... not. Champion for women's rights... not. Champion for women's safety... again, a resounding NOT.

Using Dr. Henry Morgentaler as a "credible" source for anything is reason enough to get a failing grade on whatever was submitted regardless of who submitted it.


Thank you Sass, for providing me with this information!