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My e-mail address is:
spammers should go get real jobs

My e-mail address is posted as an image as opposed to a handy link that you can automatically click on to send e-mail thanks to SPAMMERS. I had to use an image so the wandering spambots on the Internet don't grab the address and fill my mailbox with 500 messages a day, telling me how I will die without Viagara. This is also a new e-mail address, thanks to spammers - I finally had to give up on the one I have been using since 1996 since I can't find important e-mails at that address anymore thanks to SPAM. In addition, if you send me e-mail, please put something in the subject line that will indicate that the message is not spam. Subject lines such as 'hi' and 'hey there' are usually dumped with any spam messages. I HATE SPAM! Spam has totally ruined e-mail :(

If you know who John Eddie is, then you'll like my new e-mail address! For those who don't know who John Eddie is... he's a musician and "Pretty Little Rebel" is one of my favorite John Eddie songs. (and no - it isn't heavy metal - amazing!)

Ye olde fine print: Anything sent to me using this page becomes my property, so I can do anything I want with it: build on it, break it up and sell it in chunks, lease it as a landfill site - you name it. Though I rarely include e-mail I receive on my site, I bear no responsibility for the content of the e-mail I do include, even if it IS related to that little incident in Texas in '96. Anyway, I'm more than happy to get mail from anyone concerning anything (except lichens - one more lichen letter and I'll pass out). The thing is, I get SO much mail that I can't answer it all, even though I keep saying I will. But, I do read *everything*, however long it takes, and sometimes those ideas you send me are folded into my website one way or another. Even if they ARE related to that little incident in Texas (anyone can make that mistake).