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Basic stuff - updated a little bit on June 19, 2015
  • Age - 44. Yes, the picture on this page is VERY old. I should update it, but in the meantime, you can always check out Facebook If I have any idea who you are, I might even accept a FR.
  • Height - 5'4" (because height is just soooo important...)
  • Married in November, 2005 :-D
  • Gave birth to my first child, Cecilia, in October, 2008! Gave birth to my second child, Luke, in June, 2010!! Olivia arrived in June 2012!!
  • Yes, you can find me on Facebook
  • Work status: Self-employed - owner of CCG Enterprises and Looneystore.com, as well as a stay-at-home-mom, who refuses to detail every moment of her childrens' upbringing on the Internet.
  • Previously worked as an Application Test Engineer for Midlantic Consulting
  • Check out my My VERY OUTDATED resume for more exciting details on my employment!
Useless facts
  • I play... well, I used to play... the flute and piccolo. ('and this one time, at band camp....') I used to sing in choirs (Soprano I), though I am also a metal music fan.
  • I own... well used to own...a 1990 Buick Reatta. (Reattas totally rule) My mom owns one too. Really. Hers is blue and is in perfect condition. I finally sold mine because, well, a Reatta just doesn't work with 3 kids. :-(
  • I'm a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, after losing about 35 lbs. (Atkins sucks - WW is the way to go)
  • The middle initial "C" in my name stands for Cecilia. I wasn't given a middle name at birth so I use my confirmation name as my middle name. St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music, as well as the name of my first daughter.
My Other Web Site:
LOONEYSTORE.COM - my own e-commerce site, (and pretty much the only web site I update nowadays) where I sell a wide variety of Looney Tunes items (especially Marvin!). This site is currently taking up a ton of my time because of the holidays! I'm being bombarded with orders, which is good, but it's a lot of work, since I run it by myself, including packing orders, etc. I didn't build the whole shopping cart system, but I designed the front-end, and have made quite a few additions and changes to the back-end (it uses Cold Fusion) On-Line Campaigns I started a looong time ago, when I used to be politically active on the Internet: Old, boring, education info.
I obtained an MS in Management Information Systems in December, 1997 at Nova Southeastern University. I began the degree in September '95, and it was great program - I did the entire program on-line! I am sure you all can appreciate this, since if you are reading this, you are on-line yourself! Unfortunately, I can no longer access my old classwork and projects on Nova's web site (I guess they don't archive things for over 10 years! Ha ha).
I also received an MA in Public Relations in December of 1993 from Rowan University (formerly Glassboro State) in December, 1993.

And BEFORE all that, I received a BA in Economics (as one can see, my career path has somewhat changed) from St. Mary's College of Maryland in May 1992. St. Mary's isn't a Catholic School; It's actually a small, liberal arts, public honors college in Southern Maryland with only about 1500 students! It's located in St. Mary's City - thus the name. The school has one of the best campuses I have ever seen - it's absolutely beautiful! In addition, the small size allows the professors to actually know their students, which is very helpful.

And last but not least - my high school, Cherry Hill East. (Class of '89) My husband graduated with me the same year :-)