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Pet Peeves
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This is a picture of a PetPeeve! Some people have asked, "You have a lot of peeves! Do you hate life?" Of course not! :) This is a "global" peeves list - many are other people's peeves that were e-mailed to me. In fact, due to the site's growing popularity (who would have thought?) there are now more peeves here from other people than from me! Items in this TEAL Color are peeves that were e-mailed to me by other people. The peeves in white text are mine! So please don't e-mail me asking if I hate life. Just lighten up, and send me your peeve!
    --Added 05/21/05-------

  1. People who totally abandon web pages, then add peeves 4 years later and think people might read them. ;)
  2. New Jersey.
  3. People like me who whine about NJ but still choose to live here.
  4. CAR INSURANCE. (especially in NJ)
  5. Getting old.
  6. Ryan Adams (sorry Mark)

    --Added 07/26/01-------

    From Phil [Psteenwyk@hotmail.com]:
  7. When people talk on their cell phones and drive
  8. when my parents still try to control my life (20)
  9. when gas prices go up instead of down
  10. when my truck is dirty
  11. When a Man hurts a Women
  12. When people think they own the world
  13. When your best friend turns out to be a back stabber
  14. When a little kid gets beat or even murdered
  15. when all the movies that are playing SUCK
  16. When people call me a prick because I have a new truck and a cell phone etc...I work for a living dang it.
  17. When people think about only themself

    From Nikki:
  18. "I Hate People"
    I hate people that are...
    Hypocritical, Two-Faced, Wise-Asses, Stubborn, Conceited, Shallow, Self-Centered, Bitchy, Teey-boppers, Obnoxious, Rude, Self-Absorbed, Mean, Cold, Black-Hearted, Ignorant, Against Or Make Fun Of Other Races, Religions, Ethnicies, Backrounds, Etc., Players, Liars, Closed Minded, Wanna-Be's, Indecisive, Insensitive, Back-Stabbers, Cheaters, Overly Optomistic, Naive, Overly Sensitive, Egotistical, Narrow Minded, Posers, Users...In short...To sum it all up...The general idea is...Put it all together and... I hate people that are...Breathing

    From Sandra:
  19. People don't know the difference between 'Yield' and 'Merge'!!

    From RebelWarrior:
  20. CBS for cancelling Walker Texas Ranger
  21. People that bitch at me for NOT parking in handicap parking (legally I can park there but I choose to leave it open for someone that REALLY needs it)
  22. Everytime i get something I care about it disappears

    From Goo:
  23. I work at a popular retail store and on sunday we get a lot of returns. this is because stupid who cant really afford to shop go out and buy disgustingly expensive things. well after about a week they wanna go to mcdonalds and cant afford to so they decide to return their sin. well whatever ya wanna do but when you go to return it please have your receipt ready cuz im gonna need it. people stand there while a line is forming (actually it doesnt matter if their is a line cuz i always have something better to do than wait on you) and tell me about their life... they ask me what color is the receipt, what store they are in, and what color our ink is. this really upsets me! Next time im just gonna leave the register and they can screw it.

    From Kay Harlot:
  24. Tennybopper whores who wear slut clothes, and show belly buttons, butt cracks and titties, and toss their hair around and say 'cool' all the time. They go into the workplace and do the same thing. It's as if they are all so totally cool, and that they will fuck their way into the work arena in their skinny skirts while everyone else does the real work. Grow up!
  25. People who do not know how to speak or to write, they will use "u" for "you", and not capitalize where needed and use terrible grammer. Listen, I know it's just ranting, but if you really talk the way some of you write, you look like a stupid socially ignorant asshole!
  26. Trailer trash who just keep having more welfare babies for the rest of us. Need I say more?
  27. Selfish yuppie scum who want everything now, not later. That sense of entitlement and arrogance goes only so far. They think they are better than everyone else, and have all their million dollar houses and trophy bitch wives to support, so they just walk all over everyone else, and tell them what to do.
  28. Britney Spears, again, I know at least a few others will agree that she is a brainless no-talent little slut, who probably slept her way into the business.
  29. Eurotrash who think they are cooler and better than our own all-American white trash. Listen, trash is trash, no matter what nationality you are!
  30. People who will spend all day in a chat room hanging around. They are creepy! Get a life, go get a real person to have sex with and not some "fantasy" in a chat room who you will never meet or get to see. Did you forget what REAL sex is all about? Spending time in a chat room is so wasteful.

    From Dave in South Carolina:
  31. I cannot stand parents who don't parent. Psychology is for graduate college students, not 8-year-old children who are being bratty and raucous. Don't reason with them; tell them what is, was and will be and assert your authority. Spanking is NOT abuse. Grabbing your screaming child by the arm in a store and hauling them outside to pop and scold them is NOT a crime. Spanked children are NOT and will NOT later be "psychologically traumatized." This is ludicrous liberal crap. Also, "because I'm your father/mother and I said so; now (don't) do that any more" is a wonderful answer to "but WHYYYY (NOTTTT)!"
  32. I REALLY can't stand the NAACP. Folks, ask yourselves this question: Will the removal of the Confederate Flag from state flags (Mississippi,Georgia) and from the S.C. State House grounds give one more person a job? Or feed a hungry child? Or help our economy? (Speaking of which, the boycott of tourism into S.C. by the NAACP is further proof that they are retarded.) On the topic of slavery: It's a well-documented fact that the original "salesmen" of slaves were none other than the African chieftains themselves, who sold their OWN PEOPLE to white traders. Don't pretend that this isn't the truth. Some people are just too egotistical and bigoted to see it that way.
  33. I hate when my cat pees on the bed.
  34. I hate BiteMe Spears, N*SUCK, the Backdoor Boyz, KORN-hole, Merry Lynn Mansucker, that stupid "Wasn't Me" rap song, and most country music.
  35. I hate that I didn't find this cool vent page sooner!

    From Kelly:
  36. Animal cruelty, people that don't use their turn signals, tailgaters, and people that drive suv's that think that their God's gift to other driver's.
  37. I can't stand going to a BRIDAL shower and the stupid groom to be is there. It is a bridal shower dumb-ass!!!!!
  38. I also can't stand when the stupid thing lasts 5 hours and how the stupid bitches ooh and ahh about the stupid bows breaking. "Oh isn't great, Jane broke the ribbon now she's going to have lots of kids." GAG!!!!! I'm going to puke!!!!!

    From Carl:
  39. The total lack of style that many young women have with their dress today. Either it looks lewd and trashy (tight black spandex pats and a too-tight blouse) or dumpy (loose jeans and a tee-shirt). What ever happened to a nice-looking dress?

    From Lisa:
  40. Martha Stewart - I absolutely despise, detest, loath, and abhor this snooty, power hungry, I'm-so-perfect-you-can't-make-a-bed-without-me-showing-you-the-perfect-way-to-do -it bitch. I wish someone would car bomb her a$$!!
  41. People who blow their horn at you the nano-second the light changes to green.
  42. No toilet paper or paper towels in public bathrooms.
  43. Public bathrooms
  44. People who dress to the nines to go to Walmart and bring their kids with their crusty noses, dirt rings around their necks, faded dirty clothes, and bare dirt crusted feet. I consider this a form of child abuse. These parents should be horsewhipped.
  45. Answering the phone at work "XYZ Agency" and the moron on the other end says "Is this ABC Company?" then want me to look up the phone number for ABC Company. Did you hear me say "Thanks for calling Information"
  46. People who follow the latest trend simply because it exists. Why don't people think for themselves?
  47. People kicked off of "Survivor" showing up on talk shows. Will anyone know who these clowns are a year from now?
  48. The way Kate Couric interviews. She can ask some of the most dumbass questions.
  49. The way someone will pull out in front of you like they're in the biggest damn hurry then put-put. Grrr! I wish I was in a tank when this happens, they wouldn't do it again.
  50. Having to explain the same thing more than once.

    From Marlana:
  51. I hate it when a guy asks you out or tries to ask you out that he starts talking about his ex-girlfriend to you and talking about the times they had together and stuff like that. He should just get over her and move on with his life.

    From Kristine [sugarhoney72@hotmail.com]:
  52. My Pet Peeve is when a guy thinks he likes you but calls you a totally different name..like Amanda and my name is Kristine!
  53. Another one is, when people bite their nails in the dead of silence and you hear them eating it. yucky!

    From Yard Dart Champ:
  54. People at Wal*Mart Supercenter who enter thru the exit and exit thru the enter. Can you not read what it says over the doorway?
  55. People who wear their visors upside down anyway on their head. Are you trying to catch rain?
  56. Guys who wear wifebeaters in public. I mean just wifebeaters and nothing else for a shirt. They call them undershirts for a reason.

    From Mercedes:
  57. I hate when people hate on boy bands. It sounds like to me that your just jealous. Don't be mad that they are making millions and your probably won't ever make that much.
  58. I hate people who have no idea what "personal space" is. Its when people stand right up next to you(you can feel them breathin on your neck).
  59. I hate that I am 20 yrs old and live out on my own, for the past 2 years, and my mom still tries to ask what I'm doin and who I'm with, when you start paying my bills again then ask.
  60. I hate it when people down you for doing something, but have no idea why you do it. Ex: I have a friend you dosn't smoke pot, but drinks like a fish, but has something to say every time I smoke.
  61. I HATE hypocrits. I wish they would all just die. I swear more than half the people I know are like that.

    From John Calvin Errickson II:
  62. Conservatives who yak about saving every baby which comes down the chute yet don't believe in universal healthcare after said babies are out in the cold world.
  63. Conservatives who talk about the liberal media yet never admit Bill Clinton was castigated more by this liberal media than any other president in history.

    From Karen Hareding:
  64. I get aggravated with people who were ONCE overweight and turn around and DIG at people who are STILL big.
  65. Another peeve, is when people are obnoxious in public, making a scene to make a statement.
  66. One more,are people who choose to associate with others who hate someone,then talk to you when no one is around!!

    --Added 12/13/00-------

    From Brandon:
  67. It really peeves me when people complain about their pet peeves

    From "Screwed Over by Corporations":
    First off, thank you, Carolyn, for the excellent vent page!
    My biggest peeve:
  68. The callous, indifferent rudeness with which many companies treat job applicants. Several years ago, Watkins-Johnson flew me out to California for a day of interviewing. Since this occured mid-week, I had to take two full vacation days from my job (as all workers know, vacation days are hard-earned and precious!) Everything went great and they all seemed to love me. The following week, I was invited to come back for a second interview. I had to take ANOTHER vacation day, and travel 3 hours on the plane each way. I devoted four full days of my life to them! After I came back...nada, nothing, zero, zip. I called, I e-mailed, I wrote letters. They NEVER returned any messages. I was totally screwed over. Watkins-Johnson, you SUCK!!!!!
    Since then, I've had a few other similar experiences; you go and spend an entire day being shuttled around to about 6 different people, you smile, you talk, you're absent from your real job, and then...they NEVER get back in touch, and won't even return calls!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    I realize they're afraid to out-and-out turn you down, and especially to give any sort of reason for fear of being sued, but there ARE a few companies who will send a polite postcard saying they hired someone else. When I get one of them, I send them a nice "thank-you" note for being courteous. I'm trying to reward good behaviour! One company even called to turn me down, and I thanked them for their honesty and courtesy.
    Come on, companies, join the human race and act decent! We job seekers are REAL people with REAL lives who sacrifice a chunk of our time (not to mention a dry-cleaning bill!) to come courting. Even if you find out something negative on us when you do your background check, have the BALLS to CALL!
  69. Drug testing is AN INVASION OF PRIVACY! And so are pre-employment physicals. I don't ask to see YOUR a**, do I?

    From Tricia:
  70. Women who are over 25 yrs old or that looks old who shop in the Junior's Department (DRESS YOUR AGE!!!!)
  71. People who don't use their turn signal, tailgate, and cut you off really hard and close.
  72. People who talk on their cell phone at the movies (GET OUT!)
  73. People who pick their nose in public (GROSS!!)
  74. Rude and mean people.
  75. People who you don't know (especially girls) that checks out what you're wearing from head to toe.
  76. Materialistic and shallow people.
  77. People who flaunt their wealth and status.
  78. People who thinks Liberal Arts as a major.
  79. Girls who say they're a virgin but you know they are not.
  80. People who uses profanity.
  81. People who are over age 21 who say the word "dude".
  82. Doctors who don't care.
  83. People who say, "Goddamnit" or "Jesus Christ" when they're angry.
  84. Ignorant and racist people.
  85. People who hurt innocent children.
  86. People who had more than one sex partner in their lifetime (That is so GROSS!!!!)
  87. Guys who pressure girls into having sex eventhough you tell them that you want to wait until you're married.
  88. People who think that if you're still a virgin after the ages of 21 you're either ugly, a prude, or no one wants you (I don't believe in sex before marriage.)

  89. 25 is too old to be shopping in the Junior Dept?? What? I like the style of clothes in the Juniors Dept! (and they fit better too) Am I too old now to shop there? :-(

    From Melissa:
  90. All the stupid polls about the election. These polls don't mean much -- the popular vote isn't what wins the election, it's the number of ELECTORAL COLLEGE votes.
  91. The fact that the computer lab at my school is always freezing, even in winter!
  92. All the positive press about Lieberman's religious views. Hmm -- if conservative Catholics or evangelicals talk about their religious beliefs, everyone goes ballastic. I'm not to fond of the religious right, but I don't like double standards.
  93. I am so sick of hearing about that show "Sluts in the City" -- I mean, "Sex in the City." I'm tired of shows about rich white people screwing. And Jessica Sarah Parker is an ugly, scrawny, married-to-a-drunk-driver-who-killed-two-people-and-got-away-from-it BITCH!
  94. Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football. The guy is pathetic! Dennis, we know you're smart, but you're not funny. And you don't know football, either!

    From Greg:
  95. The English language has taken an incredible beating the last few years with the advent of "liketalk"... I don't know what else to call it. What I thought was a passing fad - the typical American teenager's faddish interjection of the word "like" into every single sentence -- has become so rampant it is a disease. Even thirty year olds and business executives talk this way!
    "Like" is used not only as "um" is used, a chronic and useless interrupter - it actually takes the place of adjectives, nouns, imagination, intelligence, etc. etc. etc.
    For instance, you no longer have to say,
    "She was furious at me.."
    You just say,
    "She was like "aaaaaghh!"
    No need for such tedious sentences as "He said, I'll take care of it." Now it's "He was LIKE I'll take care of it"
    So you see there's no past tense any more, there's just the pea-brained characterization of any event, any shade of meaning, past, present or future, relevant or irrelevant, as "LIKE"
    Now when you combine that with the word "ALL" and the incomprehensibly ever-rising popularity of the word "shit", you have something approaching the deterioration of our daily discourse to the most atrocious and stupid sounding toilet talk: here goes!:
    Instead of:
    "Dan told me last week how much he enjoyed the cosmic jazz in Coltrane's "Love Supreme" He said he could listen to it all day and not get tired of it..."
    We now can say,
    "Coltrane?" "Dan was all like, 'he's the shit!"


    From w.jon:
  97. i've got aol for my isp & i am ready to switch 'cause every time i'm working on a specific job or i'm at Web Page & retrieving info or making copies i'm told that i have performed an illegal operation-this happens throughout the day every day at the worst possible moment ! It really ticks me off that i have to log on-lineagain and go through the hassle of reaching the site i was at just to finish doing what I was doing-but the 2nd time around i'm not told about illegal operations-the worst part about the whole thing is when you go to the explanation it's all in numbers and codes,so how do you know what you did illegal ? it really burns me ? as soon as i find another ISP that will serve my needs i'm getting rid of AOL-now I see why a lot of people are talking about & why they don't have AOL & are very happy without it ! thx for the space to vent my frustration !!!!!!!!!!!

    From Robert Murray:
  98. It peeves me when people complain about the awful things our government does, but they don't question authority. They may be upset about the corruption in the Office of Workers Compensation Programs. They may realize that there will be dire consequences in the future. But they won't take fifteen minutes to write a letter to their congressman telling him they don't approve.They could even send an Email to Congress, but they don't. Is it so hard to tell your elected officials that you don't think the military should waste so much money? Can't you send a letter to politicians telling them what you think your government should do for the poor? If people can't at least write a letter to authorities, what right do they have to complain?

    From Diane:
  99. non-smokers who can't understand that people smoke for a reason. Smokers have problems that only a cigarette can help them to deal with the pain or give them time to think and rationlize their feelings. Ex smokers are worse than people that never smoked. They forget why they smoked to begin with.
  100. another pet peeve is people that don't have a problem with their weight and have the nerve to make fun of and criticize those that do. Exercise doesn't always help you to loose weight. And fat free diets and not eating doesn't always help.
  101. another is no-it alls that don't know anything and are irrational in their reasoning to begin with.

    From AJ:
  102. I can't stand it when people say "carmel" instead of "caramel". Is it really that hard to pronounce that extra letter?
  103. Why is it that a teenager that can sing and dance can also get a recording contract? What's the big freakin' deal? All I hear and see now are pubescent little spoiled brats that have some "hit" single about the same things over and over again...STOP THIS INSANITY!!
  104. Racists.
  105. People that are against George W. Bush because Texas has executed a large amount of Death Row inmates. Has anyone ever stopped to think that most, if not all, of these people deserved it?
  106. People that think that all women that drive SUVs are "soccer moms" and try to mow down all that are in the way.
  107. People that come to this country and then don't make an effort to learn English---and THEN complain because schools aren't bilingual! Last I heard, English was the primary language of this country. If you don't like it, then pack up and get out!
  108. That stupid bee-otch Madalyn O'Hair...if she hadn't been around, kids would still be praying in schools and at school events. All the crap that happens now--gangs, juvenile crime, etc. would not be such a problem. May she burn forever.
  109. Any Gap commercial.
  110. Rich people...especially annoyingly rich people.
  111. Why do famous people name their kids such God-awful names?

    --Added 09/03/00-------

    From Jim [cpride5888@aol.com]:
  112. I am sick of AOL. Everytime you get on line the service gives you a time out, like i'm some 6 year old that needs to stand in a corner because I have misbehaved. We pay for it let us tell AOL when to cut my service off.

    From Dino:
  113. people talking at the movies--especially when they have to repeat everything we just heard.
  114. when your family/friends talk at the movies so much, you can't shush other people because you'd look like a hypocrite
  115. when the people you're with at the movies talk, and other people shush your party and your friends get indignant,"can you believe this guy?" uhh yes I can.
  116. people who blind u with their flashing left hand turn signal WHEN their in the left hand turning LANE. It's like we already know you're turning and now I'm legally blind.
  117. people who continually crack bad jokes and then stare at you waiting for you to laugh
  118. pet peeve #5 with the additional annoyance of having them add, "God, YOU have no sense of humor."
  119. when your mom asks right in front of people if you remember them. i'm 33 years old and she still does this
  120. the fact that companies want you to send $ right away but take 6-8 weeks to send you their stuff. What could they possibly be doing?
  121. cashiers who let go of your change before you have control of it...
  122. ...or when you put your hand out for change and the cashier puts it on the counter (inevitably the kind with a "lip") and then you have to try to scoop it up with customers behind you breathing down your neck

    From Miles [ickyy@aol.com]:
  123. When people coming on to a highway don't understand it is up to them to merge and they have to actually look at oncoming traffic and fit in, not just go for it and make people slam on the brakes or nearly get into an accident.Accidents don't just happen....people cause them!!!
  124. When i'm in a checkout line and the person behind me is stepping on my heels! Being selfish and impatient doesn't help ANY situation!
  125. People who don't use their turn signal as i'm sitting there waiting to go and then just turn off without even thinking about letting me know they were turning and i could have gone!
  126. People who let dogs that jump up on everyone loose in public, i love dogs but the need to respect other people's space is needed or a more well trained animal, THE HUMAN OR THE DOG!
  127. When i'm driving down the road and a cigarette butt comes out the window of a car in front of me, that really gets me going especially when it bounces off my car.
  128. People who jog way out on the tar on roads, i mean what is it with that? Are they more concerned about getting the footwear dirty than getting hit by a car?!
  129. People in bike clubs that ride 6 a-breast, blocking traffic because they feel the need to talk to one-another i guess? What ever happened to safety and common sense? People , now, more than ever before feel they can do whatever they want , whenever they want and don't give a thought to anything else but THEMSELVES!
  130. People who don't realize how incredibly lucky they are to live as well as they do when there are so many people in this world living terrible lives beyond their control.

    From Gerald & Barbara Sposato [yellow3@aol.com]:
    Hopefully someone will read this that can make a differance. My wife and I belong to the Gloria Estefan, fan club Conga Line. So when I saw that AOL was going to have her online we were very excited and got ready to ask questions and see her answer questions. Well, my wife and I were very very dissapointed when this event never took place. This is more than a pet peeve I have never taken pert in any of AOL events similiar to this one and was vry surprised when it do not happen. I have had more faith in AOL than to think that they would have false advertising on something like this. But apparently I cannot depend on my AOL service to do as they say they will. Well I am very dissapointed that this happened and now feel that I cannot belive or depend on what is advertized or mentioned by AOL as far as any events. I just wanted someone to know that I was not the only one who had this experience. Hopefully someone that can correct this problem will see this letter of complaint.

    From First Middle Last(hahaha):
  131. Boy bands
  132. Teeny-pop crap
  133. alternative music
  134. people who look at youths as no good thieves who live under a bridge and smoke crack and are in a gang

    From Aury:
  135. People who ask "So you don't eat ANY meat?" when I tell them I'm a vegetarian.
  136. People who think that a trivial amount of meat doesn't mean anything (& then they try to force the food on me).
  137. Ditzes.
  138. Narcissists.
  139. Spelling mistakes (I'm a perfectionist).
  140. Ignorant people.
  141. Controlling people....There's too damned many to mention (I'd take up too much space). I basically wrote down the ones that came to mind first.

    From Lindsey:
    I hate people who make social promises that they don't mean; how am I supposed to know that someone is 'just talking' when they ask you to go on vacation with them, or invite you to 'do lunch' or whatever. It's not always easy to read these - I recently had a work friend invite me to visit her cousin with her in a midwestern location I had always wanted to see. When I said I'd like to go, we started talking travel plans and then she finally admitted she was just 'daydreaming'. Now I know when someone says 'lets have lunch sometime' or 'we'll have to get together' it's just a meaningless phrase; but this took me aback. I wish people would just say what they mean - I suppose they think they're charming when they make these offers and that I am supposed to magically know that it's only conversation; but it really winds up as an embarressment to both parties - I certainly don't invite people to places if I don't mean it. Well, reading this over it probably sounds as if I am a social idiot - but I have been invited to three parties this weekend - by people who mean it - so I guess I'm lucky to know SOME people whose word is good.

    From Nikki:
  142. I can't stand it when people spell "you're" as "your." There IS a difference, you know. One means "you are;" the other is possessive.
  143. I hate people that write me messages that have horrible grammer/punctuation. Have these people ever heard of those rules concerning capital letters at the beginnings of a sentence, spelling, and, most of all, using an actual period at the end of a sentence. "your so funy" is not an acceptable substitute for "You're so funny."

    From mEE:
  144. Eiffel 65
  145. Guys who say they like Britney Spears for her singing. Yup, yeah right, it's just the singing, not the fact that she wears hardly no clothes and looks like a big hoe!. What liars!!!
  146. My friend who can't drive and won't take the freeway, and drives in the left lane only down a major street in our town going like 30 mph and like 80 year old grandmas are passing us in their huge cadillacs and buicks. I will NEVER drive with her again!

    From Jenny the 16 year old 60's freak [BobbieDylan1968@aol.com]:
    I HATE the fact that everywhere I look I see Britney Spears face. Does anyone see that she is a slut and does not need to be used as an advertisment? Especially for young children.

    From "me" (ya! I know who it is ;) ):
  147. people that don't answer e-mail!

    --Added 09/01/00-------

    From S Griesbach [griesbac@greenhills.net]:
    I bought a computer system with monitor from Egghead.com they charged my credit card immediately 3 weeks went by and still no computer/monitor so I called them they kept saying it was in the mail...in the mail...finally I got the monitor and it was refurbished with a huge hole in the middle but still no computer and I have already paid my credit card bill! So I call again & tell them to cancel the order and they wanted to charge me a 15% restocking fee when I hadn't even received the freaking computer! So finally nearly a month later they send me a email saying it was out of stock, they never even had it to send! But they sure did charge my credit card, then I had to request a refund??????? Egghead.com practices extremely POOR business bordering on fraud BEWARE...A week later they credited my credit card. The monitor is constantly breaking down. What a joke!
    From Graeme [plastisineporter@aol.com]:
  148. Sluts.
  149. Sluts who think they are cool just because they are sluts.
  150. Sluts who think that their lifestyle is liberating and everything.
  151. Sluts who don't realize that their lifestyle is enslaving, not liberating.
  152. People who support sluts.
  153. Apply the above to similar lifestyles and habits, including but not limited to slutty dress, excessive drug use, excessive rebelliousness for no apparent purpose, et cetera.
  154. Rebelliousness for the purpose of being rebellious. (Ties in with above.)
  155. People who don't get their facts straight before saying things.
  156. People who don't tell me their opinions and thoughts if they think that I will get angry or upset. Listen, it's as simple as this: Keep tactful, honest, and open-minded, and I will keep that way too.
  157. People who claim that whites, males, Christians, heterosexuals, social conservatives, pro-lifers, capitalists, political conservatives, leather-wearing meat-eaters, or whatever the latest PC deems immoral is the source of all evil. As one who matches a number of these categories, it's some wonder I don't take up drinking.
  158. Racists.
  159. Racists being considered "right-wing."
  160. Right-wingers being considered racist.
  161. Amsterdam's legendary tolerance turning it into a haven for sex and drugs.
  162. Too many unthought-out relationships, especially teenagers who think that their love is eternal and they can't live without their significant others and blah blah blah.
  163. The way the Champs-Elysees, unlike most of the rest of Paris, has lost all of it's old charm through modernization.
  164. People who tell me I'm "repressed," or "antiprogressive," or whatever just because I'm self-restrained. I support many social reforms, more tolerance for people like homosexuals and single parents, and stuff like that, but there are certain "progressive ideas" that I just will not support. (I'll tolerate them, but that's something different.)
  165. People who project their own insecurities on other people, then consider it okay.
  166. People who haven't found at least something of a balance between idealism and realism.
  167. Spoiled children, and people with an excessive sense of entitlement remiscent of spoiled children. (Okay, that's me to some extent, but I keep fighting the temptation.)
  168. That someone's going to see my pet peeves and think that I'm a big complainer. I'm basically a nice guy who needs to vent his anger every now and then in order to keep sane.
  169. That I know too few people, especially independent-minded conservative women, like Carolyn Gargaro.

    From B:
  170. Hypocritical libeals.
  171. People who complain out loud while waiting in a long line at the store.
  172. Not stopping at stop signs.
  173. IGNORING yield signs (at 90-degree intersections).
  174. The "don't waste your vote" myth.
  175. Poor grammar by individuals who THINK they are right.
  176. The labeling of everyone different from the speaker as "backwards".
  177. Holding up the left lane.
  178. Highway litterbugs.
  179. Being called "stupid" by someone who doesn't have enough brain power to UNDERSTAND what I'm talking about.
  180. Proclaming that the U.S. Civil War was fought over slavery.
  181. Strangers who don't say "thank you" or even acknowledge you when you hold the door for them.
  182. Perpetuation of the myth that Abe Lincoln was a great president.
  183. TELEMARKETERS, TELEMARKETERS, TELEMARKETERS, TELEMARKETERS. 11:00 pm on a Saturday night! 4:30 am on a Sunday morning! STOP IT!!!!!
  184. not using a turn signal. Is it REALLY that difficult?
  185. Making no attempt to avoid hitting animals on the road.
  186. Proclaiming that my family and I will be safer if we hand over our only means of self-defense?!!?!
  187. Assuming that our foreign policy with Cuba is exactly the same as Haiti. CUBAN REFUGEES HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO RESIDE IN THE U.S., REGARDLESS OF WHAT EVEN THEIR OWN PARENTS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Bradfield J [bradfield_45226@aol.com]:
  188. I can't stand people with bad "eating" manners. I hate the sound of silverware clanking on plates, and it really bothers me when people scrape their fork (or other utensil) around the plate. . .almost as a nervous habit! Noisy eaters just piss me off! You'd be shocked if you knew how much. If I can hear you eating, then you're annoying me.
  189. I harbor an extreme dislike for people that pop and smack their chewing gum. The sounds are annoying, and it makes the chewer look stupid, and rather unattractive on top of that. Chew quietly with your mouth closed!!!!
  190. I can't stand being around people who sniff and snort constantly. If you have allergies, take your medication! Otherwise, blow your nose and stop sniffing! It's distracting and only reminds others that you have a head full of snot.
  191. Do I sound like a complete neurotic bastard yet? Keep reading! =)
  192. I hate people who find the deeper meaning that isn't really there in crappy songs by crappy bands! I don't want to name names, but some people are just too damn lazy to dig deeper for better music. Instead they act as lemmings and are satisfied with the mediocrity that the media feeds them (for example, Matchbox 20, Backstreet Boys, Meridith Brooks, etc. . .). These and others are not real musicians. They are a prefabricated product of the recording industry.
  193. I hate having to hold my breath at amusement parks just because somebody didn't feel like taking a shower or wearing deoderant! I know that others have to agree with me here!
  194. I hate annoying nervous laughs. Some people don't have a natural sounding laugh, so when the do laugh, it sounds like they are forcing it.
  195. I hate it when people brag about how trashed they got the night before. . .almost as though they think that they deserve some special recognition for going out and getting drunk.
  196. People that snoop (my boss) piss me off a lot. Especially when they do it right in front of you like you aren't paying attention to them.
  197. People who think that they are better than others because they are so open minded and accepting of everybody. Piss off a**holes!
  198. Girls who dress like complete sluts, yet wonder why guys stare at their chest when it is practically hanging out of their top!
  199. Cats that are inconsiderate of their human's sleeping habits, and decide to romp, play, and destroy stuff at 4 AM!

    From Shane Cummings (Yes that's my real last name):
    I only have one peeve,I don't like the fact that my girlfriend has to take her socks off before we have sex.I do everything for her and treat her like a queen.Would it be so hard to do this one thing for me?I'm writing this here because I know she frequent's this site alot.I love you baby but pleeeeeeease do this one little thing for me. Pretty please

    From Bubba:
  200. People that drive import cars,they spend $50,000-$60,000 on the cars,then they bitch and moan when they get stomped on in a drag race by someone that owns an american car that is totally stock.
  201. People that go into chat rooms and write the same thing over and over again just so noone else can talk.Are they trying to be assholes or does it just come naturally?
  202. People that drive around with a cell phone stuck to their head.What the hell is so important that you can't wait until you get home to use the phone?Meanwhile they are endangering everyone else on the road.
  203. Why the hell is it that everyone that drives a import car (at least in my experience) think that they own the damn road?
  204. Preists that molest little boys. When God (supposedly) said "Suffer the children come onto the" that is not what he had in mind.

    From Ali [thrashbaby79@yahoo.com]:
  205. i hate how my boyfriends mother calls every morning to wake us up.
  206. i hate how my boyfriend gets pissed off @ me for no real reson.
  207. i hate doing dishes.
  208. i hate how i have no career planned and nothing appeals to me.
  209. i hate constantly feeling paranoid.
  210. i hate being afraid to speak my mind when people know that they are pushing me and that i won't say anything.
  211. i hate loud music when i'm not playing it.
  212. i hate my boyfriends driving.
  213. i hate how my boyfriends mom does pot all the time and then takes my baby for the day.
  214. i hate how everyone thinks pot is alright and everyone is doing it.
  215. i hate to see where i'll be @ in 10 years.

    From James Elliot:
  216. What really pisses me off is when I'm with my girlfriend,I constantly get dirty looks from idiot's that stare at us like they've never seen a whiteboy kissing a japanese girl before.
  217. It pisses me off that society praises women that get breast implants like tig ol bitties are the best thing since sliced bread.
  218. It pisses me off that my girlfriend can't drive down the road without some racist a**hole making comments to her to go back where she came from.
  219. It does'nt piss me off that people constantly think my 19 year old girlfriend gets mistaken for a 13 year old everyday just because she's 4'8" tall, petite and has a baby face,it pisses me off when she tells them she's 19 and they call her a liar and when she shows them her I.D. they say it's a fake.
  220. It pisses me off when I write a letter to AOL customer service and they tell me "AOL representatives are not qualified to answer techical questions."What are they there for,to sit there with their thumbs up their a**es and say "We're not qualified to answer technical questions."
  221. It pisses me off that whenever i go to the store I always manage to get in line behind someone that is paying by check or has 8 billion double coupons they want to use when they have no more that $50 worth of stuff in their basket.
  222. It pisses me off that every damn commercial on tv has to have some sort of theme song.Do they think we can't pay attention long enough to watch a commercial without hearing music?
  223. It pisses me off that whenever I'm really tired and trying to sleep is when there is more noise than usual outside my bedroom window like they know I'm trying to sleep.
  224. It pisses me off that the members of N'SYNC are still alive.
  225. It pisses me off that I don't have a 10th peeve for my #1 space.

    From Tiffany in Evansville:
  226. Lazy people
  227. People who complain about service at restaurant, store, etc. when they themselves have never worked in retail and have no clue what stress is! and all the reasons why that person might have been rude to them at that moment on that day. These are real people with emotions, and lives....not robots!!
  228. Customers who think I only work there to serve them! The kind that walk in, and what you to give them a tour of the store, take everything out of its package, and then walk out not buying anything.
  229. Any other person on the road driving while i am is an annoyance, but of course not a damn thing can be done about that.
  230. The world is over-populated.
  231. Ignorance
  232. chat rooms
  233. Family members who do not talk to you for years, but when they need or want something, act like nothing happened.
  234. People who buy animals, only to get rid of them a week later because it was harder to take care of them than they thought.
  235. Bad music, i.e. the thong song. Thats crap people...
  236. People who brag about drinking.
  237. Bosses who think your job is your life.

    From evilpotatochild:
  238. When people hang the toilet paper so the end of it hangs down behind the back instead of over the front. That pisses me off, and then they get pissed off that I corrected their evil ways, and I hate that even more!
  239. I hate it when people take a food that's commonly known as "healthful" and fry it up in butter and eat it because it's good for them.
  240. I hate plotless natural disaster films. I also hate plotless killer-animal films.
  241. I hate people that order huge meals from McDonalds and Burger King and then order a diet pop to wash it down.
  242. I hate everyone and everything. Including whoever is reading this now.
  243. Denise Stone.
  244. I hate it when I make stupid mistakes.

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