East Unity Cemetery
East Unity, New Hampshire

The East Unity gravestones pictured below are those of:

Mrs. Salley/Sally/Sarah* (Huntoon) Thurber b. 11 June 1745; d. 17 Mar 1815 (wife of Samuel Wilson Thurber)  

Sally W. Thurber/Therber b. 1773; d. 26 May 1792 (dau. of Samuel Wilson Thurber)
Nathaniel Huntoon Thurber  b. 1 May 1775; d. 1 Apr 1847  (son of Samuel Wilson Thurber)
Eliza Thurber b. 1779; d. 17 Jan 1803 (dau. of Samuel Wilson Thurber)  

Harris Nathaniel Thurber b. 29 May 1796; d. 16 Sept.1884 (son of Nathaniel Huntoon Thurber and Martha/Patty Young**)
Leah Heath b. 14 May 1804; d. 16 June 1897 (wife of Harris Nathaniel Thurber)  

Nathaniel Huntoon Thurber b. 22 Feb1837; d. 7 Oct, 1920 (son of Harris Nathaniel Thurber and Leah Heath)
Madelia L. Eastman b.19 Dec 1840; d. 19 Apr. 1891 (wife Nathaniel Huntoon Thurber)
Elvira  M. Thurber (wife of. Geo. H. Moore) b. 9 June 1863***; d. 11 Jan 1885 (dau. of Nathaniel Huntoon Thurber and Madelia Eastman)
Carrie L. Thurber (wife of. Daniel Paul) b. 11 Apr. 1872; d. 21 Oct 1896 (dau. of Nathaniel Huntoon Thurber and Madelia Eastman)  

Capt. Nathaniel Huntoon b. 18 June 1721; d. 7 Feb 1793 (father of Salley/Sally/Sarah Huntoon)
Anna Dearborn b. 4 Aug 1729;. 28 Oct 1788 (wife of Capt. Nathaniel Huntoon)  

* Her father's will lists her as Sarah.
** No gravestone image available.
*** Birth date based on age on NH death record.

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