Research in England
Some of the material presented here is based on "A History of the Thurbers," an unpublished, unverified work by Charles H. Thurber. Please note that directly quoted unedited passages from that work will be shown in green. This material is the work of an amateur genealogist and contains much inaccurate and conflicting information and should not be accepted as fact without independent verification.

Copy of a letter from a researcher of England, Oct. 3, 1955 - Mr Harland of Lincolnshire Co.

1. Lincolnshire Diocese on marriages licences, 1595-1700 gives no name of Thurber. Shows name not used in use then.

2. Lincolnshire Diocese and Consistory Wills, 1600-1700 no name of Thurber.

3. The archivist of Lincolnshire was able to determine that the parish origin of our family was Market Stainton. A search was made of the transcripts of this Parish from 1562- 1673 (P.S. somewhere in between our ancestor was supposed to have been born after 1600), but he found no records on 1637-1641-1660-1662-1666, which years in the 1600's are in the years we do need researched as we believe he was born around 1625 as we believe he was 81 years old at time of will allowed 1705.

4. At the time our immigrant ancestor John Thurber was born, there was a John Turber having children (P.S. the nearest to Thurber). Also found a James Furbert was christened Nov 14, 1604 who might have been the father of our John.

5. Names near Thurber in Market Stainton shows Tabor, Furbor, and Furbott also in 1600 register up to 1637.

Now in old records found in Plymouth Colony - year 1677 (so after our John settled in Rehoboth 1699) shows John Thurburrow, surveyor of roads at Dartmouth MA; year 1675 shows a John Thurburrow surveyor of roads, Swansea, MA; year 1677 - John Thurburrow, constable of Swansea, MA. Pierces Colonies Lists, Pages 30, 33, and 35 gives same data as above. (Could be our John but poor spelling of those days.)

Inventory of John(1) died 1706 by widow Priscilla on Aug. 8, in Swansea, MA

So after engaging researchers in England to go through records of Market Stainton (Rehoboth records show John came of Stanton, Lincolnshire Co. Which researcher said must be Market Stainton) no Thurber found - so we believe he used the name of Thurber by dropping "n" from Thurbern.

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