This Thurber Genealogy site was designed for use by anyone researching his/her Thurber roots. Feel free to use any parts of these pages that you find helpful.

A Little Background Information

I began researching my genealogy in the late 1990s. My initial plan was to begin with the surnames of my maternal grandparents, Dow and Foster and my paternal grandparents, Briggs and Thurber. All four surnames can be traced to early settlers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. The Briggs and Thurber lines intrigued me, partly because of my late father's interest in his family history. The Briggs line can be traced back to John and Priscilla Alden, and the Thurber line to John and Priscilla Thurber. Both families were in Massachusetts in the 1600s. When I learned that the first family to use the Thurber surname was the immigrant family of John and Priscilla Thurber, I came to the realization that most persons with that surname are related.

In the early days of my Thurber research, I corresponded through emails and message boards with others interested in the Thurber name. I established this site initially for sharing of Thurber information.

With time and the advent of a great number of genealogical websites and research tools along with the increasing trend of digitized records being made available on line, the need for maintaining this site for sharing research has waned.

However, I still welcome comments, and am happy to reply to queries dealing with Thurber research.

I received a query in December 2016 regarding two unidentified portraits which may have a Thurber connection. The subjects of these two paintings have not been identified, nor is the artist known.

If you have any information on either of the subjects portrayed here or on the artist, please email me. Thanks.

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