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Some of the material presented here is based on "A History of the Thurbers," by Charles H. Thurber. Please note that directly quoted unedited passages from that work will be shown in green. I will be including other Thurber material as I find it, and welcome contributions in the form of generic text files, or WordPerfect or Word documents. Pictures are also welcome. Please limit text files and pictures to information of interest to others in their search.

Florence Gargaro - or

A Little Background Information

I recently began researching my genealogy, and began with the names of my maternal grandparents, Dow and Foster and my paternal grandparents, Briggs and Thurber. Although all can be traced back to early settlers in Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, the Briggs and Thurber lines intrigued me, partly because of my late father's interest in his family history. The Briggs line can be traced back to John and Priscilla Alden, and the Thurber line to John and Priscilla Thurber.

I found the Thurber line interesting, partly because it was my name, and partly because a lot of work had been done by a Charles Thurber of Grand Rapids, MI. Charles Thurber lived in a Soldier's Home and corresponded with many Thurbers throughout this country to trace the Thurber lines. For years he corresponded with my father to get information on our line. I still have much of this correspondence.

Although Charles hoped to publish the information so that all Thurbers interested in their genealogy could share the fruits of his work, he died before the book was completed. His notes were turned over to the Historical Society of Rhode Island. A microfilm version is available through Family History Centers run by the Latter-day Saints. Material on this site taken directly from the correspondence or notes of Charles Thurber is shown in green type. This material is the work of an amateur genealogist and may contain inaccurate and conflicting information.