Longueuil Cemetery Longueuil Quebec

The gravestone pictured below is that of Alexandre Thurber (1872-1958), his wife Rose-Anna Larocque (1875 - 1942) and some of their children. Alexandre was the mayor of Longueuil from 1 February 1915 to 19 January 1925, and from 1 February 1933 to 1 February 1935. He was provincial deputy of Chambly County from 1923 to 1927, and from 1935 to 1936.

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Record of Thurber burials in Longueuil Cemetery.
Parish of Saint-Antoine-de-Pades, Longueuil, PQ, Canada.

Each entry has Given name(s) of the deceased (anonyme = unnamed); Parent 1, Parent 2 (see explanation); Date of burial; Age (when known); Witness 1, and Witness 2. Explanation: Parents listed here are family members who were declared as parents; therefore the names listed are not necessarily the names of the father and the mother of the deceased. If the person named in the parent field is deceased, the name is sometimes preceded by the letter "f," standing for the French adjective "feu" meaning "late," or "deceased." If the field contains a 1 or a 2 instead of a name, that represents the name of Witness 1 or Witness 2, respectively.

THURBER Alexandre; Alexandre, Rose-Anne Larocque; 26 Oct 1898; ;Auguste Larocque, Joseph Macduff
Alexandre; Alexandre, Anne Larocque; 11 Aug 1900; 6 mo.; Alexandre Thurber, Georges Thurber
Alexandre; 1, f. Rose-Anna Larocque; 23 Apr 1958; 86; Paul-Emile Thurber, Alexandre Thurber
Anonyme; Alexandre, Eméline Davignon; 12 Dec 1882; ; Albert Lapointe, Alfred Carrier
Antoinette: Alexandre, Rose-Anne Larocque; 11 Aug 1904; 9mo.; Alex Thurber
Auguste; Alexandre, Emméline Davignon; 15 Feb 1859; Pierre Moreau, Ovide Dufresne
Chs-Edouard; 1, f. Antonia Houle; 05 Aug 1952; 53; Jean Thurber, Alexandre Thurber
Gabrielle; Alexandre, Rose-Anne Larocque; 19 Aug 1904; 22mo.; Alexandre Thurber, Joseph Macduff
Joseph; Alexander, Rose-Anna Laroque; 02 Jul 1914; Alex. Thurber, C.-Ed. Thurber
Lucette; f. Alex, f. Rose-Anna Larocque; 10 Mar 1981; 75; Alex Thurber, Madeleine Kerwin
Marguerite; Alexandre, Rosanna Larocque; 28 Feb 1897; 1; Charles Poirier, Alexandre Thurber
Paul; Alexandre, Anne-Rose Larocque; 08 Nov 1973; 72; Jacques Thurber, Alexandre Thurber

Guy; 1, f.. Yvette Lamarche; 27 Apr 1976; 65; Robert Thurber. Bruno Thurber

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