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On March 29, 1997, at Aware Woman Center for Choice in Melbourne (FLA.), Dr. William Egherman perforated a woman's uterus during an abortion. Aware Woman called 911 at 10:56 am. The audio tape of the 911 call was obtained under Florida's Public Records Law. The audio of the 911 call is available in three formats. Formats
Zip format 158K
Wav format 684K

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Following is a transcript of that tape:
Dispatcher: "Fire/Rescue"

Aware Woman: "We need a transport, we have a possible perforation and we'd like a transport with no lights, no sirens."

Dispatcher: "Okay, m'am, we are 911. We have to come emergency."

Aware Woman: "Okay, so you have to have lights and sirens."

Dispatcher: "Yes m'am."

Aware Woman: "Okay"

Dispatcher: "And what's wrong with them?"

Aware Woman: "A possible perforation."

Dispatcher: "What's that?"

Aware Woman: "Where the uterus has been perforated. She was having an abortion."

This situation documents that Aware Woman is willing to jeopardize a woman's life if doing so will help keep word of their botched abortions from getting out!! Whenever these people injure a woman, it is obvious that their first thought is not about saving her, but about saving themselves. Women everywhere should be outraged at the attitude exhibited at the Aware Women's Center! When will people stop trivializing the injuries that occur to women during these "safe and legal" abortions?

Florida's Public Records Law requires deletion of any parts of the tape that identifies any person, business, or address before release.
The woman with the perforated uterus spent 7 days in the hospital and was out of work for 6 weeks. She has retained a medical malpractice lawyer.

Special thanks to Meredith Raney and Jay Rogers.