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While I created this web site by myself, I did have assistance in some aspects of its creation! I believe the following people deserve some credit:
  • Michael Brown - Mike has inspired my graphically, so to speak, and has also offered his expertise to help me become as graphically gifted as he is, in addition to providing me with numerous resources for my site - thank you Mike! He has also been available on a continuous basis to help me with almost anything on this site at a moment's notice, and has made sure that my guestbook doesn't explode.

  • Josh Bengal - In September 1995 he showed me the very basics of HTML - and the rest is history! He was also available at any hour to answer my many questions. I believe he made my current career possible.

  • Dave Yu - A true graphics guru, Dave is teaching me the ways of Photoshop, so I can go beyond the standard and create cool graphics like him! I helped him with HTML basics and now HE is an HTML guru! Thanks Dave!
  • My Mom and Dad - They also answer many of my computer questions (they are both programmers!), and provided me with a computer while I lived at home! Most recently, my father assisted me with some administration problems with the IPlanet web server, and my mom literally saved my rear countless times in all sorts of computer-related emergencies. Thanks Mom and Dad!

  • The people at IValue Internet, Inc. - They used to be cool, the helped me years ago.

  • The people (hi Em!) at Professional Web Concepts - They host my web sites and have helped further through my contract employment.
  • The Rankokus Indian Reservation - My first "real" employer and now, my current employer. They gave me a lot of computer-related responsibility, and the chance to design my first web site! Now that I work there again full-time, I am responsible for all of their computer/network related items, which in turn, helps me with many aspects of this web site.

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