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In Memory of the Princess of Wales

This ribbon is in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. Please put this ribbon on your web site and link back to this page in honor of this incredible woman, and to speak out against the press harassment and drunk driving which contributed to her death two years ago. There are now three versions of the ribbon available, which are show at the right. This web page was launched on August 31, 1997, and I plan to keep this page here indefinitely as a tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.

I feel I must also state here that, due to the death of Mother Teresa, one of the world's greatest humanitarians, I also have a page in honor of Mother Teresa. She should not be forgotten either.
In memory of the Princess of Wales
In memory of the Princess of Wales
Diana in memory
Thanks to Treasure Graphics for the 3D ribbon version!
Princess Diana I also urge people to boycott tabloids and other publications which use dangerous tactics to obtain photos, or which exploit Diana. For instance, even though the National Enquirer had stated that it would not purchase photos of the accident, the Enquirer continued to exploit Diana, even after her death. This page is also speaking out against Drunk Driving due to the evidence supporting the allegation that the driver was intoxicated. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!
I used to maintain a page which listed various sites which displayed this ribbon. At one point, there were over 700 sites listed! As time went on, it became harder and harder to maintain that section and keep it free of dead links, so that page is no longer available. The rest of the pages here, though, will not be removed.
Hear an original song dedicated to Princess Diana
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Remember Diana
Remember our Queen of Hearts

Please Support National GRADD...Don't Drink and Drive
This site is a member of National Group Rides And Designated Drivers' "Link Around the World" to help spread the word about the dangers of drunken driving.
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