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Marvin the Martian

Written and copyright © by Ron Holeman I received permission from Ron to post this poem.

My name is Marvin,
My helmet is green,
I'm flying to Earth,
In my Martian Machine.

I zoom to Earth quick,
I cruise on right down,
I get out my ray gun,
To blast every town.

The Earth it must go,
It stands in my way,
It's blocking my view,
Of the great Milky-way.

I can not stand it,
There are things I must see,
From my great planet Mars,
On my Martian TV.

My faithful dog K-9,
He's here by my side,
To help crush those Earthlings,
Who shiver and hide.

Oh darn it, oh drat,
Somethings not right,
I'm getting pummeled,
I must run, I can't fight.

It's the famous Duck Dodgers,
He's not strong, he's not big,
He's with his round little sidekick,
Porky the Pig.

But there is another,
Who's covered in fur,
His name is Bugs Bunny,
He'll get me for sure.

I'm back in my ship,
I fly back real fast,
This is a nightmare,
I'm sure it won't last.

They follow me still,
But I am to smart,
I will blow them to bits,
With my Illudiom dart.

Oh no, it's to late,
A death ray I see,
Mys ship is blown up,
My dog K-9 and me.

But I will regroup,
The Earth it will be mine,
If I can get rid of,
Bugs Bunny next time.

So watch out Bugs Bunny,
Duck Rodgers and friend,
For Marvin the Martian,
Will come back again.

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