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Ribbons That Have No Home!

Some ribbons, after a while, become "orphaned" - their related URL shows that dreaded 404 error! When ribbons become abandoned, I remove from them from my main ribbon page so that the page remains up-to-date. However, these orphaned ribbons should not be forgotten, thus, I have created a page for ribbons that no longer have a home. If anyone knows of a current URL for these little orphaned ribbons, please e-mail me and let me know.
Last modified 07/23/2000
Stop those aeful Pop up ads!

Citizen 101!

Remember Jesse Dirkhiser

United Father's Forum Purple Ribbon Campaign

Invisible Ribbon

Frames Free

Rubber Ribbon
Rubber Ribbon campaign for wearing condoms
to prevent AIDS & STD's

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

Blue Ribbon for the Jets

Leave Gary Coleman Alone!

Multi Colored Ribbon
All-purpose multi-colored ribbon

Microsoft sucks!
Tie Die Ribbon Campaign

Pregnancy Loss Awareness

Jedi Ribbon
Human rights equality for Indonesian Chinese

I Believe

Stop Internet Censorshp inBritain
Stop Internet Censorship in Britain

Grey ribbon campaign for the Rights of No Good WWW Pages

Awarness For Victims of Intergalactic Violence

The Camo Ribbon - Hunters Against Animal Rights Madness

Impeach the Pres

Trisomy Awareness

Remember the Second?

Stop Unix Now
Against Scrappy!
Upside Down Ribbon
Save the Tigers

Ugly Ribbon
Ribbon of Universal Love
Ribbon of Universal Love

Online Freedom of Fun and Diversion
Genital Mutilation Survivors' Network
Genital Mutilation Survivors' Network

Awareness of Gay Teen Suicides
Raising Awareness about
Gay-Teen Suicide & Remembering
Those Who Were Lost


Help him get published in Wire Magazine!

More free stuff for college students

Hatred for Danny Summers

Vaccine Danger
Awareness Campaign

Mourning for those who are spiritually dead
Mourning for those who are spiritually dead

Campaign for Net Frivolity

Invisible Ribbon support for Canadian military personnel and their families

Stop Pagan Persecution


I'm Praying for America - Will you?

Don't accept inferior beverages!

The Frisian Ribbon!
More homepages in the Frisian language!

Censorthe 'Net
Censor the 'Net

In honor of David R Lyman - making cycling safer in Vancouver

In memory of the lives lost in the arkansas school shooting

I can not type!

BrownRibbon Educate People about the Internet
Educate People about the Internet

Every Child Deserves Child Support
The RedPolka Dot Ribbon - Stop the abuse of ribbons on the Internet

Support Blues Clues
Support Blue's Clues on the Web

Support Matt Drudge!


Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
Member of the
"Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"

Free Distribution of Shareware Green Ribbon Campaign

An Octothorp?

Stop the Spam!

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Save Starving College Students

Appeal: Free the Llama Nation

Tidy up the Internet

KeepHanson Off Television

Kill the newbies Black Ribbon Campaign

Smart Time

Prudes Off theNet Now

The Black Ribbon Campaign
to End Ignorance


Sites accessible to screen reading
technology for the visually impaired

Stop Bill Gates!

Bring SabrinaHome

Help Stop Cystic Fibrosis
Fight Cystic Fibrosis

Plasma Ribbon against badly written software!

Purple ribbon agains Microsoft

The ANTI-SPAM Campaign
The ANTI-SPAM Campaign

Stop Unix Now
Say NO to Unix

Soundtracks of Science Campaign

Almost Free Speech Online Purple Ribbon

The Clear Ribbon Thing - Freedom of Expression

Don't close Riverside Hospital

Blink Free Online Orange Ribbon Campaign
No Blinking Text!

Yellow Ribbon Phil Zimmermann Legal Defense Fund