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Another "On-line Mike!"

Mike Now...
Mike now :-)

Mike a few years ago...
Mike - aka Zool, aka Cooties..
I met Mike and his wife Lisa in person! See some pictures from April 2000 and June 2000. Pictures from December 31, 2000 arriving shortly :)

I "bumped into" Mike on the Internet when he signed up for my Conservative Web Ring. We then gave each other really big egos by complimenting each other's web pages, and the rest is history. Mike is also my best "on-line" bud who happens to agree with me on just about everything! We also have fun doing things (no, not that...) and talking about things that people could never imagine sweet little conservatives like us doing/talking about. He also has just about the best sense of humor of anyone I know.... ("The coconut eating members of the Canadian First Nations thank you for your support........")