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Web Site Awards

Sharon's Award Sharon's Award - received July 29, 1997
Thanks for the angel Sharon!

Enlightenment Award The Enlightenment Award - received July 29, 1997
"You have a super site!!!! Great HTML code and everything is well done! Be it known to all and proclaimed throughout Cyberland That the Author of this site has exhibited the exalted and highly coveted attribute of Enlightenment! Therefore you are worthy and deserving of the glorious honor of receiving: The Enlightenment Award"

Top 10% Award Top 10% Award - received July 29, 1997
"Very Nice site. You are the Top 10%!"

AMERIWARD! AMERIWARD! For Cherry Hill, Camden County, New Jersey, USA - received July 09, 1997
Award for pages for each state in the US!

Look! My Politics Page was the the featured site the week of June 30, 1997!

Danielle's Award - received May 19, 1997
Thanks Danielle!

Eddie's Award of Excellence - received May 19, 1997
Site judged on:
Download time
Overall appearance
Ease of use
Do all your links work?

Terrie's Diamond in the Rough Award - received May 15, 1997
Your site must meet all the critera to win! Thanks Terrie!

BEAVIS said my site was cool Weird Ad's Choice Award - received May 12, 1997
"This site has won the Weird Ad's Choice Award. Even Beavis knows this. Click on the image to see if your site has what it takes to win the Weird Ad's Choice Award."
A page has to be cool to win!

Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence - received May 7, 1997
  • Must have excellent layout and design
  • No huge graphics
  • Lots of pertinent information
  • Not just a list of links
  • Originality
  • Easy to navigate
  • No commercial pages

Joe Bags' Cool Site of the Night Award - received April 20, 1997

The Socrates The Socrates Award for Homepage Creativity - received April 18, 1997
"Awarded for the creative compositional talent of the writer which is exemplified in his/her homepages"

Socrates The Socrates Award for Thought Provoking Content - received April 18, 1997
"Awarded on the basis of the intellectual content of the pages displaying this award"

CC Online Meritorious Site Award KCC Online 'Meritorious Site Award' - received April 10, 1997
"Given to Web sites that are wholesome, contain no profanity, no adult links or content, are upbeat, and well designed."
(this was awarded to my abortion issues section)

Shawn's Way Cool Award - received April 4, 1997
"I have visited your page and I'm very impressed. Keep up the great work"

All American Surprise Site Award - received March 24, 1997
WOW! A very cool award! "Your site was selected because of your high devotion to excellence. A surprize site is a delightful site because it has something either unique to offer or does a great job in delivering useful, relevant content. These sites are found to be a surprise when visited and are worthy of a prize hence surprize! awarded. This is an authentic award, only 52 are given in a calendar year"

The Critical Mass Award - received March 7, 1997
" A *very* nice site!! Good design, beautiful graphics and your information is presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise! Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, *fun* and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits :)"

Orchid Award for Page Excellence - received February 23, 1997
"Very informative...I am very proud to present the "Orchid Award for Page Excellence" award to you in recognition of your hard work in the creation of such an excellent page."

The Ray of Light Award - received February 18, 1997
"Your page is a valuable service. We are happy to award you the Ray of Light Award."
(this was awarded to my abortion issues section)

Phantasm Award - received January 10, 1997
Given for the following:
Excellence in web design.
Sites that are original and creative.
Well designed sites that show future promise.
Sites that use graphics effectively.
Sites and have cool graphics.

Scorpio's Excellence in HTML Design - received October 21, 1996

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