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February, 2012 - Yep, it's been 10 years since I have done anything with this page. I have started to do some cleanup on the site in general... if I continue to update, I'll post what I have done here. See, I do still actually exist! I probably need to put this message on every page. ~Carolyn

October 30, 2002 - I know it has been ages since I have updated this page! Just so everyone knows, I am still around! Even with my lack of updates, I somehow managed to become the Republican Babe of the Week !!! Cool :-)


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(this page was just geting too long!)

Disney - and Native Americans: I have had problems with Disney for quite a while because of their exploitation of the Powhatan Renape Nation with their Pocahontas movie. I used to work full time, and now work part-time, for the Powhatans, so I know first hand how shabbily they were treated by Disney, thus, I encourage people to read the Real Pocahontas Story in the words of Chief Crazy Horse.

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