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U love this page!
Check it out! It's the yearly update!!
  • I decided to actually check the e-mail address associated with this web site, and as a result, updated my abortion regrets page and removed some dead links from my "right sites" and Why Dr. Henry Morgentaler isn't a credible source of information page.
  • I am pregnant again, so now I have two children and one on the way, due in July.
  • I have of course been updating Looneystore (shameless plug)
  • I just turned 41. I probably should update the picture on the main page since it was taken 11 years ago :)
  • I still post on Facebook.

Wow. Here I am. Been over five years since I've posted here, and I decide to update as I am running out the door.
  1. Just FYI: I am now married and have two lovely children, a boy and a girl.
  2. I actually do update on Facebook a bit. However, if you send me a friend request and I have no idea who you are, sorry, I probably won't add you. I know, I'm mean...
  3. I updated the dates on some of my pages and made some very minor modifications here and there, nothing major.
  4. I did, however, find some neat hate mail! in my inbox and posted that!

I'm still alive. I added some pet peeves after 4 years.

Mark and I are almost done our reality show. Look for it on VH1.

(I'm still kidding about the reality show. stop sending me e-mails about it!)
I had a root canal today! It didn't hurt! It was easy! I feel MUCH better because I had extreme tooth pain prior to the root canal! But I am not happy!!

(I do not have dental insurance, as I am self-employed and live in NJ! Happy happy joy joy.)
Marvin rules.
I ran (uhh... jogged) a 5K today. I thought I was going to pass out because big 'oh wow, i can walk for 60000 miles' me forgot how out of shape she is.
Summer 2004

I am just posting here today so anyone who decides to visit will have a heart attack when they see two new entries in the same month.
I was a bridesmaid for the first time this past weekend... and the dress wasn't that bad! I need to get the digital pictures my friend Greg took since I did not bother to bring a camera to the wedding. My boyfriend was also in the wedding, which was kind of cool. I guess I haven't mentioned that I actually have been seeing someone for about a year now. I haven't really mentioned any type of 'boyfriend' type relationship for a while now, which might lead some people to think I am still with the person I was a few years ago since I used to have a whole little 'boyfriend' area. (which actually is still on the site - the pics - you can find it if you look around probably. Whoopee)

Oh well anyway, that's not the point... I just haven't mentioned boyfriend 'stuff' 'till now. I met him (Mark) when I was 14. We're making a reality show. (just kidding)

So just when every person on the Internet thought I was gone, I decided to confuse everyone and open my guestbook. Not that anyone actually will be going there now since it has been closed for a year! I had closed it when I moved all my web sites to Professional Web Concepts after having them all suddenly shut off by IValue Internet, Inc. and I just never bothered to open it again.
Oh, and my web cam is of course STILL offline, not just because of IP issues but the power supply died. *sigh*
Below is yours truly and my friend Heather back in Nov 2003. Just thought I would update a picture after a year.
Carolyn and Heather
Now, don't forget to visit LOONEYSTORE.COM which I add new products to on a weekly basis. (shameless plus) (Thank you to MATT for visiting !)
Look for another update to this web site in about 8 months! ;-)
I actually added a few things to my Marvin and explained why my camera is still off-line.

Of course is updated on a regular basis. I got to learn all about customs brokers and trademark releases recently. Fun.
10:00pm: Posted new still camera images

8:00pm: Amazing what you find when you start poking around your old, dead web page. I noticed the beautiful 'current state' photo from 3/21/02 (see entry from 3/21/02) Wow, that's just great to have as the most recent picture of me. I remember why I looked like that at the time (totally stressed to death). Anyway, I'm still stressed ;-) but I posted another 'current state' picture below. Notice that Marvin is still in the picture....
me on may 31 2003

7:00pm: About 10 months ago, I promised my friend, 'Rad', that I would send him a picture of the teddy bear he sent me a looong time ago, because he had never seen the actual bear! You can see the image here. The plastic around the bear is to keep him clean !

6:00pm: Updated my 'About me' page a little, as well as the credits section.
After a looong time....MY LIVE CAM IS BACK!
I must have the world's weirdest resume. (I finally updated with my current job info.) Resume: I worked full-time here, then part-time, then back at the same job full-time and my old full-time job is now part-time...
"Luckily the hours are very nice (8:30am - 4:30pm) and the office is close by, so I can come home and take care of my other work and still have some type of life. ... Ok.. or sometimes I get up ay 4:30 am and take care of my other work :P

I fixed the site search engine on, if anyone cares.
Started posting items on Rightgrrl again. Maybe some day I'll change the horribly outdated layout.
Did I mention that I started working full-time for the Rankokus Indian Reservation again in February? I'm their marketing person again... they haven't had a full-time person in that position since I left back in 1996. Anyway, updating their web site is high up on the 'to do' list, so please ignore what it looks like right now. I still run and continue to do contract web site work for some of the same clients I have worked for for years. I am online a good part of the day while at work, though it's dial-up... changing THAT is something I am working on too. Luckily the hours are very nice (8:30am - 4:30pm) and the office is close by, so I can come home and take care of my other work and still have some type of life.

Oh... the Lillian Axe show on my b-day was cancelled, so if I had become excited it would have been for nothing :-)
Happy freaking new year.
The Christmas rush is over and I'm breathing... and sad that I should face the fact that I may never get back to updating my personal web site :(

I feel very sad. It's been so long, and all I keep saying is 'I will update soon.'
*sigh* I just found out that Lillian Axe is playing in NJ on my B-day of all days (I HAVEN'T SEEN THEM IN 10 YEARS! THEY HAVEN'T BEEN IN THIS AREA IN 10 YEARS!) and I usually would have blasted this exciting info (well, it's exciting to me...) on my music page... and I haven't. My damn guestbook isn't even open right now!

Anyway, I sat here and thought for a short time, how my recent comments on my site have been nothing more than sporadic whines about 'Oh woe is me, I am so busy... oh my I am so behind... oh gee, I have this personal issue.... oh gosh, I have neglected my site(s) and my on-line friends (yes, you can have real on-line friends!) since about mid-way into the year 2000.' It is now 2003.. everyone is busy, everyone has issues... and nothing much has changed with me! I get inspired for a week, then get sidetracked, then a month later, whine about the same things. It's pathetic.... so what do I do?

WHAT AM I DOING? (actually, I'm sitting here, embarrassed) So no more whining. Either I do something, contact people, update, do SOMETHING, or just SHUT UP.

Reading my best friend's blog really hit home. I noticed that he's been involved in a TON of things that I was unaware of, because I was too wrapped up in... myself. I don't have the 'I have 100 e-mails to respond to' excuse now because other than business e-mails (another thing - my portfolio is about as out of date as it can get) and SPAM... I don't get many e-mails (which is rather nice, actually :) ) because I don't do a damn thing on-line anymore. Ok... in Nov and Dec, I did have an excuse, since I was seriously running a baby Toys-R-Us by myself ( which meant no sleep, no food (I actually lost weight, which was something else that was rather nice :) ) )... but, really, this is ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. ARGH.

One thing at a time... thinking of everything I need/want to do makes me just ignore everything... and talking about it is a waste of time, and just more of the same old same old.... either site updates or SOMETHING will happen, or this site will remain, as it is, and no more. No point in spending yet another year posting about what I WANT to do.
I lied.
Yes I did.
I was not busy before.... really. I didn't really know what busy meant until the past few weeks, especially this week and last week... see, it's gift-giving season, and this year, everyone seems to want LOONEY TUNES items! How does this affect me? One domain says it all:
The little e-commerce site that I started is now exploding. I guess it wouldn't be much for a large company, but when one person has to do everything, including the inventory purchasing, packing, etc., 15 or more orders arriving in one day (is enough to make someone nuts, especially when you still have your 'regular' job! I spent this weekend fixing some bugs (I found and fixed a bug that had been driving me up a wall for months) and programming some new features to help streamline things. What? go out on the weekend? I really can't complain though...I mean, who doesn't like seeing their sales go way up?! Plus, I got behind due to Thanksgiving (I couldn't move after eating all that turkey ;-) ) and now I am paying for it... I really paid for it Sunday when I want to bed at 6:30am.
I haven't even had time to post my recent hate mail! I've had some pretty good ones too.

My guestbook is still filled with lots of people... too bad I haven't been able to engage in the dialogue :( And I might as well just forget about ever updating Rightgrrl :( (the fact that I haven't updated things really does bother me....)
I am happy. My cast came off. My foot still isn't fully healed but it's healed enough to warrant the removal of the big fat cast. Anyway, I do still realize my web page is pretty lame with the lack of updates.... yet I somehow managed to become the Republican Babe of the Week !!! Cool :-) I know I need to thank all my guestbook buddies who sent in nominations! And, on October 10, I found out I was the RamblingLunacy Babe of the Week. :-) Now how on earth did this happen? My site sucks right now! But, I did get off my duff and look at my router to see, finally, how to get my cam to work. (it's all about port forwarding) Now maybe I can set that back up before 2005.
Instead of complaining here about a chargeback on my merchant account, I would like to show everyone something I think is a funny error, made when the world wide web was still rather 'new' to many.... imagine if you sent out a product, and happily pointed people to your web site... only to find out that either a)you need to hire a proofreader or b)your marketing person has no clue what a 'web address' is. Check out these 1996 Marvin the Martian Bunjeez Laces. And the people at the company were probably wondering why their web site was not getting any hits.
So my foot was being annoying this morning, but I made it to the arts festival to work! Thank you Lou, for the turtles :)
10/13/02 (Saturday)
5:45pm: While going through e-mail, I came across a submission for my ribbons page.... another page that has been neglected on my web site.... I think back to when I started the page, and the time I spent looking for all the different ribbons.. what happened? Why... you know what.. in the back of my mind, I DO know what happened to change things, so that I had less time and energy to work on my web sites. It happened in the year 2000, and anyone who has been visiting my web site for a few years knows that that is when the usual updates stopped. And no, I am not getting into it.... In a way, it was a good thing, because I was getting *way* too obsessive about my web site(s)... on the other hand, I wish I could find a happy medium between "obsessive" and "slacker"... anyway, the POINT of this entry was to highlight the ribbon submission. I have received many, may ribbons which have not even been posted on my site yet, but I saw this one and it just stood out. I have included it below.
911 ribbon

4:50pm: For the first time since 1993, I missed a day at the Powhatan Renape annual arts festival. (for those who don't know... I work for them part-time.. worked there full-time from 1993 to 1995) It was due to my stupid foot, (which I found out was broken on Thursday... got a cast Friday) as well as feeling kind of sick... but I feel horrible about it! I went yesterday for most of the day, (with a trash bag around my cast :) ) because they really needed me since another one of the staff members wouldn't be there until half way through the day... I planned on going today, and when I woke up, I just couldn't make it! UGH... and now I feel absolutely, and completely horrible. Sunday is the busiest day of the Festival, (it runs Sat, Sun Mon) and it rained part of yesterday so I know many people waited until today to go... and while I know the Festival will go on without me there, obviously, I know that some people has to scramble around because of me :(. I called my long-time friend Lou, on his cell phone, who works the sound booth at the Festival, to tell him to apologize to everyone for my absence. I know they understand, because of my dang foot and such... but I feel like I should have showed up this morning, at least for a few hours.... and I have felt so bad about this all day that I am actually writing a journal entry about it. (!?!?) Anyway, I need to redo their (the Powhatan Renape Nation) web site BIG TIME, so I have been working on that today, and will continue working on it. Plus, Chief Crazy Horse just published a very cool book, which should be available for sale on the web site, so I need to set that up also. Hopefully, I can do enough work that this terrible, guilty feeling, will finally pass. 10/02/02
I sprained my foot. How exciting.
Octane has finally released their CD. Now that is exciting.
Hoo boy. What extensive updates... I finally took 3 minutes to update my music page so my experience at a concert a year ago wasn't the 'new' item on the page. One of my favorite bands, Lillian Axe actually toured a little this summer and I didn't even update the page. I definitely need my head examined.
My power actually did go out back in June (see below). I'm so great at updating my web site. 3 months. A new pathetic record. I've been in a 'funk'.... and I want to get out of it. Bleeech.

4:25 pm Ok, when will my power go out? I'm just waiting... there's a huge thunderstorm going on right now. My eardrum almost got blasted out with the last crack of thunder.
4:55pm Will the miracle ever stop? Now I have posted a few articles (no where near done..) on Rightgrrl, fixed some dead links, removed some outdated items and even answered some of my email backlog (if you are part of that backlog and have not received a response yet, feel free scream at me in my guestbook. really!) Imagine what would happen if one day I actually caught up with everything after being one of the worst keeper-uppers on the Internet since 1995....... the Internet might explode! (then what would Al Gore do? ;) )

1:00pm I need to learn moderation. I either do nothing on my site or I post all day in my guestbook. Wait - what am I doing? My employer must be PISSED at me right now! Right? Wrong. I work from home most of the time now and I get paid for the work I do on an hourly basis. If I want to do my work from 7am until 10am, then fiddle around with my neglected web site from 10am until 1pm then work from 1pm until 6pm, I can. Of course, if I have a deadline or am swamped, which is usually the case, it's a regular work day for me... except I get to listen to the TV while I work :) And do laundry. And pack my Looney Tunes orders... (wait, that falls under work...)

12:35pm I am so impressed with myself. I actually archived old journal entries and have posted here twice today! Site updates! AMAZING! Hooray for me!

12:30pm So I decided to come out of the depths of not doing jack-you-know-what with my web site... the guestbook is even archived and available for posting. Too bad I had to disable HTML for now because some obsessive freak keeps lurking around and posting scripts which spawn 80,000 browser windows when anyone tries to exit the page. I blocked his domain before but now he is using a different service, so rather than blocking the world from my web site because of this mentally impaired loser, I disabled HTML as a temporary solution. No HTML tags means no scripts.

Anyway, my lack of political involvement recently sort of came back to bite me in the rear. MSNBC called me on Friday and wanted me to appear on the Phil Donahue show. I hadn't heard from MSNBC since 1998! Anyway, I declined the offer because the topic was very broad, and I felt I was not up on enough current events to participate and not make conservative women look like morons. They told me to keep in touch with them (!) which was a good sign. The woman I spoke to described my Rightgrrl site as the only site out here for conservative women (!?) This of course inspired me to get off my duff and update things. I just started to update Rightgrrl, and I have more articles to post (I can't believe I left the site just sitting there for 2 months.....) and the site really just needs an overhaul, but I will first try to at least get the articles updated. In the process, I noticed that I had accidentally overwritten the text of one of my articles with another article :( I only have a rough draft from months ago, so I guess I will have to recreate it....

That's my update for now. Mike keeps telling me to get a blog, but you know me....
Tonight, Sean, Joe A, Ron and I are painting all the interior walls of my condo. Actually, Sean and Ron will do most of the painting since they're the experts. Sean also sprayed all my annoying popcorn ceilings last week, saving me a bundle of $$$. Anyone reading this page who does not read my guestbook probably has no idea what I am talking about.. I wind up posting something in the guestbook (which is really a message board now) and don't post squat here. Quick explanation: I bought a condo (rent = $$$ thrown at nothing = time to buy) for a great price. It needed some work, but nothing horrible - just a lot of clean-up. The white ceiling was yellow, the walls were covered in.. something... thus the painting. Hopefully I will change my ways soon and actually post details on this instead of just promising.
At least I am getting a great workout every day between lifting, moving, cleaning... going allll the way down to the basement and alll the way back up (2nd floor condo with a basement... lost of steep stairs). Plus I bought a treadmill, which I am actively using (nothing inspires you like jeans digging into your waist)
Today I sorted through 4 stacks of papers, took care of some of my work (you know... my job... I do fit that in too...) had my new bedroom measured for new carpet (the carpet in that room is destroyed... was able to salvage all the rest of the carpet thanks to an excellent steam cleaner), went to the post office twice, bought the 5 gallon tub of paint we need for this evening (and carried it - ha! weight lifting!!), went back to my old place because I found termites (I am so happy I am leaving...) and thought the management might want to know (I still sleep at the old place since most of my stuff is still there since my lease isn't up until April 30, and I didn't move the furniture yet, as I was waiting until some of the work in the new place was done.... did move a bunch of boxes and such, which are stored now in the basement.... up the stairs... down the stairs...)... this is so much FUN!
This ends the rambling, hodge-podge entry for today. Maybe it will provide some amusement for all the people who got pissed off this past week after reading my site. (I got linked somewhere which sent a lot of people my way who don't exactly appreciate my web site ;) )
My current state is better now :-) I am still here, but between moving both office and home locations, as well as that whole work transition thing (detailed a bit in the guestbook but not here... I have to do that...) it's painfully obvious that this site has once again been neglected. The past weekend was spent sanding, peeling wallpaper, and painting (fun !) I do have my office set up with both pcs, but I don't have office cam set back up, and I am not sure how well the cam will work, since I am not longer on a T-1 connection. *sigh* At least I now have cable, which is a welcomed change since the dsl fiasco last year (a browse through the journal archives will provide some detailed rants on my past dsl woes).
More later...?
Oh sh.... almost forgot. Rightgrrl is not finished! Please check the site for new articles this evening. I have a meeting with my accountant this afternoon (tax time - FUN! NOT.) but I hope to update Rightgrrl after that... and open the guestbook back up.
My current state is....

Moving office locations, moving living locations.... I'm still here. Sometimes, I wonder if I'll ever have time again to maintain my site properly.
11:30pm I knew this would happen - I say I won't update then my web ring system gets messed up (!&^!^%~^!) and I either post a notice or...or...whatever. Anyway, if you are a member of either of my web rings and are using the OLD system on Yahoo (which was just bought/transferred again) please go to the ring home page (members of the Prolife ring go HERE and members of the Ring of Conservative sites go HERE) and read the messages I have posted. And please, transfer your site to my rings on RingSurf! Thanks.

Okay, it will probably be another month before I can do any updates on my page. To make a long story short, my whole office is moving (and this will ultimately mean no more office cam... ), and as I am not working as a contractor, I am setting up my own corporation for my contract work, my e-commerce site -- everything. This may seem a little strange but I don't have time to get into details. I can explain when everything is done :) But, between the location move, the corp. setup and a million other things, it is all work and no play for me for at least the rest of the month.
Wish me luck - I need 20 hours more per day right now!