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U love this page!
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I guess I could have stayed in and updated my lame page, but instead I went out Friday to see Octane. Pictures coming soon (hopefully), assuming I don't do what I always do and not update the page again for a month. I think I'll mention Lou, Sean and Shane here just to be annoying and see if they actually read my page. ;-) Hi guys.
VOTE! NOW!!!!!!!!!
I am cleaning up my e-mail in addition to redoing the whole setup.... I have a bunch of messages from....1999. Yes, 1999. I gather that most people, if they have not received a response by now aren't sitting around waiting for one, so I was just going to get rid of most of the old mail. HOWEVER, if someone sees this posting and recalls a message from waaay back when that they would like a response to, let me know and I'll see if I can locate it. I know this whole thing sounds weird... 
OK!! Someone sent me an email with a phone number today and it was accidentally deleted due to me having to restructure my whole email setup (you don't even want to know!) Please, if the person who sent this sees this, please re-send the email!
Weee!! I am sitting here at 10:48pm doing work. Work for the Indian Reservation. Tomorrow I have to finish InterStat work, which must be done by Tuesday. (holiday? Monday is a holiday? What's that??) To confirm my geekdom, I recently purchased a SGI Indy. Once I bring it home (it's here at InterStat, where we are configuring it and playing) I'll have a web cam in my home office too. (aren't you excited?!) Of course, there is no point in setting up the web cam at home until I get my DANG DSL LINE, which I ordered in JUNE, which won't be installed until who knows when. Cable? Oh, see, I don't have access to Cable. People 5 minutes away do, but my particular cable system (which is very nice, digital, by the way) doesn't support that yet, so I get to hook up at a kicking 33.6. Only 33.6? Yes, because even though I have a 56k Modem, and I dial into a 56K modem, I don't obtain 56k speed. I LOVE COMPUTERS. Have I complained enough yet? YA!
(please excuse the above entry. I'm tired.)

I was sick yesterday. I'm better now (I am sure you were ALL WORRIED! ;) ) My friend Bob now plays in this totally KICKING band called Octane, which I saw on Friday night. Go see them if you live anywhere near Philly. Of course, it helps if you like music from Korn, Limp Bizkit, POD.... Ummm... I dreamed about the work I need to catch up on for the next Indian Arts Festival even though it's still August. That's not good. I hope you all enjoyed this exciting update.

Maybe I should write something once in a while!! To all my on-line buddies: thank you for your patience.
I AM SO LAME. It's almost the end of June and NOTHING has been done on this web site!! Ok, yeah, I was busy, but really, this is getting ridiculous. I moved in APRIL, so that's no excuse. The Indian Festival was over at the end of May, so I haven't been busy with THAT...what the ^!$!%$ have I been doing? Working...yeah....but not 24-7! I must admit that for a while I was just so busy and preoccupied with other things (what? she has a life? WHAT?!) that my interest in maintaining this page diminished a bit, but I think I should start updating again before all the regular visitors (all 3! ;) ) stop checking back. I haven't even written an article since FEBRUARY! ARGH!
I hate having to say this....but....
At the moment, I am unable to properly maintain my web site or address most e-mail due to numerous other obligations. I hope to be back up to speed some time in June, and get back to updating the web site and addressing e-mail. In the meantime, here are just a few pictures from last month, when my friends Mike and Lisa Brown came to visit :) That visit deserves it's own page, so hopefully by June I'll be back in the swing of things on the web and have a chance to create that page.
At the Pennant East, April 15, 2000:
Lisa, Mike, me and Anthony
Lisa, me and Mike
Mike, Lisa and Joe

Hey! My friend Mike and his wife have arrived! :) My very first house guests at my new place! Maybe I'll force Mike to pose for some new pictures....
Hello. Guess what? I'm moving! Yes, moving....not too far away though. I'm still in New "Joisey" :) Not only am I moving this week, (Uhaul is scheduled for tomorrow!) but I am meeting my on-line friend Mike this weekend!! I also have lots of work to do for the annual Arts Festival, as well as all the normal things to do for my regular job. Between guests, moving, setting up my new place and work, I doubt I'll be on-line much. Actually, I will technically be on-line, since my job requires it, but as for doing non work-related things on-line....not much time for it in the next month or so!! Thus, the redesign of the front page of this site (UGH! I needs a redesign so very badly) as well as updates and articles, will have to wait until everything gets settled. So, to the regular readers of this page (all 3 of you ;) ) please don't forget about Carolyn's Little World. It hasn't been forgotten, just put on hold for a bit! Please stop back.... pppllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssse! I may even put the office cam back on me every once in a while in the meantime so you know I'm alive ;)
Well, I was actually going to write something peppy and happy today, and explain why I'll be spending even less time online this month and next, but that stuff will have to wait. Today, my on-line friend Tyler lost her battle with cancer. For those who visit my page on a regular basis, you'll know that Tyler was a fellow Rightgrrl who was battling cancer. Her husband then abducted her children just recently, but she was able to get them back. My friend Sass, another Rightgrrl, has been maintaining a page and message board for Tyler also. To all those who supported Tyler, prayed for Tyler, and to the numerous people who sent her money, which she desperately needed, thank you very, very much. Please, now, pray for her two children who just lost their mom. :-(
YAY! Stephanie is coming! Stephanie is coming! My friend and Rightgrrl partner Steph is on her way as I type. She'll be visiting for a few days :) I haven't seen her in person since April of 1999 when I went out to Colorado. She should be here Saturday.
She's driving
Uh huh. Driving.
The poor child! Colorado to New Jersey by car!! She made the trip back in 1998, but STILL...

Hey, congratulations Jeff :) and Rob :)

Hi Karen. I WILL call you.

Hi everyone else. One day I will wade through e-mail, now that I am not staying at the office until 1am....or 6am...did that once...Mike knows since I was emailing him with some cgi related questions at the time. (for now at least, my boss Anthony is SUCH a slave driver ;) ;) ;) Fine, I'm kidding, I'm just an idiot.) You are free to scold me in the meantime.

GET STAR OFFICE. It's free. It isn't Micro$oft. It will read Micro$oft files though, so if someone sends you an MS office file, you can still read it. Free yourself from Micro$oft dependency. (yeah, I know I am still running NT. :P )

I finally bought a digital camera. It takes rather good pictures.
It really stinks when you finally have to accept that fact that what you are doing is really a waste of time. Oh and learn! Let's should I sit here and complain or do something productive....
Gosh I update this thing a lot!
Oh MY. Some day we'll all look back at the stuff going on and laugh - it's a new adventure every day! "We got another phone call...." "WHAT?!" (jaw hits floor) And no, this has nothing to do with "on-line life" at all. Ant, Joe, and Shai know what I'm talking about. :) Maybe we'll all get to play "monkey in the middle" with the laptop soon. Hee hee.
Don't know what I'm talking about? Don't worry - I don't expect you to.
Hello to the 3 people who read this. I hope everyone had a great holiday/new year. It's now the year 2000, and aside from a few minor, easily fixable *errors in some JavaScript driven time indicators on a few my/InterStat's web sites, no Y2K bugs to report! I'm glad I didn't spend time stockpiling food or buying generators :) New Year's eve was a blast, and maybe one day, I'll get around to posting the pictures from that evening. Maybe one day I'll even set up the web cam that I've had for almost 3 weeks!

Out of the blue, MSNBC called again today, and wanted me to appear on some forum about Monica Lewinsky and her deal with Jenny Craig - today. (!) I was taken by surprise (hadn't heard from them since fall 1998), and had not thought about the Monica deal much, so I probably sounded like an idiot on the phone when they asked my opinion on it. I mean, I just hadn't thought about it, though I can understand weight struggles. (yes, I'm a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, and yes, I know no one cares. If you email me and say "Hey. I don't care" I'll say "I know - why are you even reading this silly page?") Since I only had a few hours notice, and there was barely anyone in the office today, I had to pass. So, no MSNBC for me. Now that I've thought about it, I have some more opinions (of course! :) ) but I'll save them in case I get a phone call again ;)

*NEW YORK (AP) - While computer programmers feared that the year 2000 would cause internal clocks to roll back a century, a few systems jumped ahead 17,100 years instead. Forecasting maps at the French weather service and the Web site for the U.S. Naval Observatory were among the systems that initially displayed the New Year Day date as Jan.1, 19100. Computer programming experts say the display error results from a function that calculates the year as a number beyond 1900 - for example, 76 for 1976 and 100 for 2000. Computers that treat the year as 19 followed that number would display 19100. Y2K planners generally feared that "00" would be interpreted by computers as 1900.
This web site is fully Y2K compliant. Happy New Year. Why are you reading this on New Year's eve? Get off the Internet! Wait - why am I editing this on New Year's eve?! Gotta go - have a safe end of '99 everyone! Don't let the Y2K bug "byte" ;-)
Hello people who read this thing - a work emergency is in progress (thanks M.G. - almost done?! Right!) - I am not ignoring your emails (you know who you are :) )
And no, InterStat isn't about to blow up - this was a client emergency.
M E R R C H R I S T M A S !

This is the first time I have logged on all weekend. My time online will probably be less than usual for the next few weeks, due to the holidays. At least I sent out a good portion of my Christmas cards -- finally.

I think I'll have to start an off-line journal thing too, because I find myself wanting to record things, such as my activities this weekend, but I feel kind of...dumb...writing them down here. It isn't like there's anything particularly secret about my weekend activities. Let me try:
  • Went to Harbor Lights on Friday
  • Went to....
Ick. Never mind, I do feel dumb. Time to start writing stuff down off-line. I used to keep a diary years and years ago, (as in 6th grade) and reading it now is always a hoot.

(Brenda, i know u love my journal so if u r reading this, your mail seems to be bouncing)
This is a bad time of year to get a controversial article linked on Yahoo! Actually, the article has been linked on the Yahoo:Full Coverage section for a while, but since it was announced today that Linda Tripp's federal immunity did not protect her from state prosecution, many people are going to that section of Yahoo, and BAM, there's a link to my article. Then the e-mail starts. Then I want to respond, but unfortunately, between a very heavy work load at the moment, as well as tons of holiday stuff that I haven't even started, I just don't have time time to address all of the e-mail. That, in turn, probably leads many to assume that I can't back up my opinions, but what are you going to do, (besides write about it in this weird journal thing ;) ), ya know?

I hear it now... "OH! You had time to write THIS THING but nooooo time to answer the e-mail, huh?!" Yes. I am playing the proper part of the conservative hypocrite.
Back to work. (yes, I really do work.)
HEY!! Remember the web cam I referred to in my very first entry?! (12/01/99) Guess who has one already. (think really hard...) Christmas came a little early this year, and I have a lovely box with a lovely web cam sitting under my desk this very moment. :) I hope to set the cam up some time this week. Thanks to the people who chipped in for the cam. You know who you are :)

I am not done my Christmas shopping yet. Are YOU?
THAT DOES IT!!!!!!!!

I have to ask...I can't find the answer anywhere on-line...does anyone, ANYONE, know what causes the annoying "no route to host" error in Windows '98!?!? This happens only on my PC at work, not when I use a dial-up connection at home. If I am "surfing" outside of the InterStat network (you know, looking at pages that are not on our server!) after a while, the connection will drop to anything outside the network and Netscape will display a lovely little pop-box that says: "No route to host."


WHAT CAUSES THIS?! I have a .bat file that I run when this happens so I don't have to reboot, and that will fix the problem for a while.

Bah. Help me.
I'll figure out a more organized layout for this silly little journal later.

I finally know what I am doing New Year's eve. (and I know you don't care, so why are you reading this? Go away.) My employer was originally going to throw a party at a club with a band and everything, and sell tickets, etc, but then decided against it. Since then, Joe and I and my friends have been going around like morons asking people "Uhh...what are you doing on New Year's eve?" Most people said "Uhhh....I don't know, what are YOU doing?" While sitting at Pizzeria Uno's on Sunday, Joe and I decided that we should have a party AT InterStat. We have lots of room in the back, Joe has enough electronic music equipment to start his own DJ business, and we'd set up a web cam so people could, at the stroke of midnight, see whether or not our office falls apart due to hidden Y2K bugs. We'd invite all our friends who are still wandering around, trying to figure out what to do. So, we went back to my house and called Anthony, to make sure this was okay. He said yeah, BUT, to hang on because there might be a party to go to that The Rockets were playing at. Previously, The Rockets were playing at a private affair, but plans might have changed so that it was now an more open event. As it turns out, the event HAD been changed, so the four of us (Anthony and Cath, Joe and me) would go to that party instead, along with some other people. Yippie.
Hi Bob :)
12/01/99! Let me tell you about my most personal, intimate thoughts and activities!!

Uh huh. Right. Sure.

Readers of this inane, silly little journal-thingy WILL, though, get the wonderful opportunity to see what I want for Christmas! Please, stop the cheering, I know it's an exciting thought. I want a Neteye200+ cam! For my desk. In my bedroom (YEAH RIGHT!). No, actually, for my desk in my office. Our current office cam actually rules, but it's in a dark area so you can't see anything. We'd move it to a better area, but it's attached to our SGI Indy machine, and the cord isn't long enough to move it anywhere. We can't get an extension cord because it's a proprietary system. Thus, I decided that I wanted a Neteye cam. I have a cute little black and white Quick Cam, which I have had since 1996, but I never set it up as a "live web cam."

Wasn't this exciting?