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U love this page!

Ok, so I have been running mad for the past month. And, I feel like I am working retail because the site I created, is generating many orders! I'm getting very good at packing and shipping :) More later!
I haven't forgotten about my web site. I am still here. I am busy and unthrilled (is that a word?) since the the problems hitting the tech industry are hitting me now. !^#!

(Speaking of hitting....For those who remember my busted eye (though I wasn't hit actually... whatever....) after the Staind concert a few months ago....I went to the "Family Values Tour" concert recently which included Staind, Linkin Park and StaticX and I didn't even get a bruise :-) Yes, I finally acted like the old person I am and stayed out of mosh and crowd surfing areas)
It's been difficult to find time for site updates due to the busy time of year. Yes it's fall, and that means it's almost festival time and that means long long days for me. Anyway, I have many many thoughts on the current situation with the middle east, but no time to write, so I would like to direct people to Rightgrrl for some a lot of new articles, many which are similar to what I think. (I have found enough time to post the articles on Rightgrrl!)
Site Updates
More 09/11/01 ribbon information has been added to the ribbon list

I cannot believe I actually had to post this message on my Al Gore page. No people, I DON'T care about Gore quotes right now - so quit with the hate mail already!

This doesn't seem that important now, the Rowan Magazine article about InterStat and moi is out.
Site Updates
More 09/11/01 ribbons have been added to the ribbon list

5:20pm. Please view Mike's touching flash presentation about September 11, 2001

5:15pm. So, I posted a very un-eloquent article: Gut Reaction on the Attack on America

11:11pm. Nope. Tried again. Can't watch the service when they sing and show images of big cranes cleaning up what used to be the WTC.

12:45pm. Does anyone have thought processes like this? This is the thought process that lead to an almost outbreak of tears yet again, at work no less.
National Prayer Service going on... listening to it on the radio...hear the Lord's Prayer being sung, think of my voice teacher (who passed away a few years ago) because she had me sing that same version of the song, and I start getting sad. So I go in the back and watch the song being sung on TV, and walk in as they show all the destruction in NY and DC. Music can really set me off sometimes, especially when it's coupled with such images, and especially when the song itself reminds me of someone who has passed away... so I had to come back to my desk before the waterfall started. I then get even sadder because I still feel like, here I am, getting all weepy when I have not a dang thing to be upset about compared to thousands upon THOUSANDS of other people in this country right now. Then thinking about the thousands of people again gets me even more upset... you see how it goes.
web page update 3:45pm. In between a pile 'o work, I was able to post some of the ribbon campaigns people have submitted to me relating to September 11, 2001

11:00am. Today is Day Three of hell for countless people. To see how I feel today, one needs to just read my guestbook. I can't think of a time when something has made me feel like this. I have never been at times, almost immobilized, sick and just iin a state I can't explain over something to this extent, and I am not even going through the hell that thousands of other people are! I am sitting here at work, at home.. I am not looking for loved ones, I am not cleaning up bodies, I am not working 48 hours straight in a hospital, trying to save lives. Yet here I am, still in an unexplainable state, and I feel I don't have a right to feel like this because so many are dealing with things 1000000% worse.
4am. This is eerie.

The highjacked United and AA flights were numbered as follows:

11, 93, 175, and 77

11 = Yesterday's Date
9+3 = 12 = Today
1+7+5 = 13 = Thursday
7+7 = 14 = Friday

I can't believe that the terrorists could plan things THIS well. It's bad enough that they were able to hijack 4 planes that were on schedule, heading for the west coast (west coast = more fuel = bigger explosions), and time 3 of them to crash into buildings within one hour... but to also get on flights that had numbers that added up to the dates this week?? But the number addition is very, very eerie, is it not?

3am. I can't sleep. I wasn't there in NY or DC - I didn't lose a loved one - I'm alive, and I didn't go through the indescribable terror that so many people went through today but I feel so incredibly disturbed, upset, and angry. I can NOT imagine what other people are going through, the people who were actually involved in this, who died and who lost loved ones. If *I* am upset, what the hell is happening to those who weren't just watching on the sidelines, but had to deal with this first hand? I can't help but think of these people and my heart goes out to them, but there isn't a damn thing I can do. I feel helpless, and all I can think to do is donate to the Red Cross. I plan to also give blood tomorrow since I am in NJ, only 2 hours or less from NYC.

My one friend who worked at the WTC saw the second plane crash; he saw people jumping from windows and bodies in the street. I can't imagine. I wonder what is going on at Staten Island University Hospital... my company does a great deal of web related work for them and I have spoken to the head of their trauma center as well as many other people there... they must be swamped. I keep watching the news (even though it is 3am) and every report has some new information or footage. I just saw amateur video of the first plane hitting... more people's reactions as they saw people jumping out of windows.

I can't watch anymore right now though.

Why? Well...

...the story of two people jumping out of one of the tower windows, holding hands as they plunged to their death. I heard that, and I can't watch anymore. I just can't watch any more news.

Thanks to those who called me today and all the people in my guestbook. I helped having a place to sort of discuss or just rant about things, without having to deal with big message boards full of people spouting theories of:
1)This being a Bush plot
2)This being a Clinton plot that he was just late implementing
3)This being the fault of Bush policy (HELLO PEOPLE - this attack had to have been in the works way before Bush was in office!)
4)Other random, stupid stuff

We need to find who is responsible and fight back. NOW. Call me radical, but I can't help but wonder if we now should have armed airline pilots? The terrorists were armed with knife-like instruments. Had the pilots had guns, they could have fought back. Yes, I know they could also shoot a hole in the plane and cause it to crash but it still wouldn't have been flown into a building!! Or, some kind of automatic pilot override system so some nutcase can't fly the plane into a building? I suppose there are reasons why what I mentioned can't be done, but at 3am, I'm just throwing out thoughts.

2am. Every annoyance and problem in my life seems completely and absolutely trivial right now.
This is horrible. THIS IS HORRIBLE - I WANT THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS TO BE FOUND AND PUNISHED!!! Please excuse my anger - updates here have been minimal once again due to my work schedule, but today, I haven't done much work. I came to work, and the phones started ringing with people calling, asking if we had heard the news. We got a tv in the back working and finally saw the horrifying images that will forever mark this day. Then, I waited to find out if one of my friends who worked in one of the upper floors at the WTC was alive or not. (he is - other friends got in touch with him) We are all sitting here at work, watching the TV, trying to do something work related, but it's hard. I CANNOT IMAGINE the terror so many other people experienced today, or are experiencing right now.

Some people are saying that Bush's policies are to blame - people, COME ON! Do not turn your anger on our country - turn it towards the disgusting COWARDS who used US civilian planes as missiles, who have caused incredible devastation and death.

Ah yes, and the images on the news of people in certain other countries having little parties, rejoicing at the rising death toll and destruction here. When we find the people responsible for this and take appropriate action (which this country WILL DO), I doubt these little partiers will be partying anymore.

Find those responsible, and make them pay. If you think I sound "mean" think of what happened today and how it happened. Imagine you were at the WTC, jumping out of windows to save your life, watching planes crash into buildings -- think of that. Yes I am angry, and I have a right to be.
Ok, so I didn't get to finish the other two articles in progress -- instead I co-authored a different one with - ta da - my mom! It's all Victoria's fault ;) (now see, if you don't know what I am talking about, that's what you get for not following the discussions in my guestbook - ha!)
Well, I finally got my Quicken problem (see 08/02 entry) straightened out. (yay). Hopefully I can finish the other two articles I am writing and get some more site updates completed :)
11:45 pm. I knew people would hate my article. I think I am the only pro-lifer on the Internet with this opinion... ok, I am one of three, because Mike says he agrees, and so does... mom! (hi mom :) ) I just added a little more to the article to hopefully, clarify my opinion... not that people will agree with me more :P

Wrote a new article that many people will probably hate. Bush and Embryonic Stem Cell Research (yeah, I know, what an original title....)
4:00pm - Anyone for embryonic stem cell debate? There's a good one going on in my guestbook right now.

A few moments ago, almost everyone at InterStat (including myself) was outside, staring at the huge black rain clouds moving in, hoping we'd get a downpour and we would receive relief from the !^!$!$ heat and humidity. It was rather amusing - you'd think we never saw rain clouds before. Anyway, it's pouring, thundering and lighting right now. I hope we don't lose power... that's when the phone starts ringing...."Is the web server/mail down???!"
11:53am - There. I am no longer thinking about combining my "What's New" page with this one. It's done. Site updates will now be listed here with my nonsensical ramblings.

11:45am - I think I'm going to take a 2-day Flash class. Isn't that exciting?
I think I will combine my "What's new" page with this page.
2:30pm. So I'm sitting at my desk doing work and we get a phone call telling us that one of our closest client contacts (who came to the office all the time, was someone I spoke to almost daily, and who we considered our friend) died suddenly last night. He was just at our office yesterday....
I didn't get to say goodbye.
Goodbye Matt :-`(
If someone told me a few years ago that I had to wear purple polyester pants, I would have screamed, cried, and begged for a way out.
Today, I chose to wear purple polyester pants to work.

!$~^$#^$#@% banking!! I use Quicken to help organize my finances. My bank, Summit, merged with Fleet and is now Fleet Bank. Great. So I go to download my account activity into Quicken and it won't let me until I set up a new account for the Fleet information. I have the same account number and everything - I don't want to set up a new account dang it! Yes I know I could just close out the other account and start another one but I don't feel like it. So, hey, it should be easy to modify the name of the financial institution under "edit account" right? WRONG! Quicken won't let me edit that. Actually it will allow editing under "Online account access" but it won't keep the information when I modify it.
My stitches came out today. Thank goodness - they itched!
My web cam page is mentioned in my local paper, The South Jersey Courier Post today :-D
Sooo....I decided to update cam images.
You never know what you'll find when you search for your name online :-). Today I discovered that, according to this site, I am a "World Wide Wacko" and that my pro-life web ring puts me in that "wacko" category. I feel so loved ;-)
And what's this? I usually don't run across other Carolyn C. Gargaros. And someone still links to this ancient browser article!
  • Finally started plugging away at the tons of submitted peeves I needed to post.

4:00pm - Thank you Mike, for enhancing one of my damaged eye photos. See, when the person landed on my head at the Staind concert, it didn't really hurt. It was about 80 million degrees at the Electric Factory so I was sweating profusely, and had no idea that I was bleeding just as profusely as I was sweating. After about three people asked me if I was ok someone finally said "you're bleeding" and lo and behold, I was. So, Mike kindly enhanced this image to demonstrate :) I'll be more careful at the Godsmack concert.

Click on the image to see Mike's damaged eye enhancement

11:00am - Well, I wound up getting tickets to the July 24 Staind concert!! Great concert... except that I had to leave my spot right up near the front because of dang crowd surfers!! :P See, one of them landed on my head and caused a nice gash above my eye. (yeah yeah, that's what I get for standing in the semi-moshing area... but it wasn't the moshing that was bad, it was the ^$!^%!# crowd surfers being thrown everywhere!!) So, I did stay for the rest of the concert (though I exited that particular spot) and wound up needing stitches. I'll post the full story later.

Click on the image below to see my concert injury! Staind still rules.

Site updates today
I'm listening to the band Staind right now. This band rules.

Oh, what's been going on since my last "wah poor me" post here on May 31? Let's see...
  1. It's summer, and summer means being outside :)
  2. Summer also means going to see Octane
  3. Speaking of Octane, I went to the 94WYSP Babe Fest. Now, I did not go to see babes, I went to see Octane. So there.
  4. I am trying to find tickets to the July 24 Staind concert.
  5. I obtained Godsmack tickets :)
  6. I forgot to mention that I saw the band Therapy? on May 10. They're from Ireland and sell out huge stadiums there, but for some reason only draw little tiny crowds in the states.
  7. I am still behind. (no... really?)
  8. My car got fixed (re: accident from May 30)
  9. The electronics in my house stopped breaking for now
  10. My DSL line has been working rather well. It did go down but it's been up most of the time (no more DSL sagas??)
  11. Comcast finally bought the cable system in my area so maybe some year, I'll be able to get a cable modem at home.
  12. My PC at home now seems to work after reformatting the drive yet again
  13. My account status at Cyberrebate (see entry from May 21) now shows a rebate being sent to me around July 22. That would be rather nice -- let's see if it actually arrives.
  14. I read Mike's blog. (Mike, go scrub the fridge again)
  15. After an agonizing 24 hours of pain after eating ice cream, I decided not to eat ice cream anymore.
Site updates today
  • 10:45am. Ta da. Article. Some Embryos are "More Special" Than Others
  • 5:00am. I have no idea why I am awake. Anyway, I just noticed that the last update I left here for the past 1.5 months was "I'm pissed off"?!? Gee, that must have made me appear to be a pleasant person. I haven't been pissed off for 1.5 months, just haven't had time to do jack with my page. (it is summertime you know :-) ) However, we will be having a moment of silence today because I wrote an article - my first in a year. (what's happened to me?!? :-( ) Anyway, I want to do a final proof of it at a more normal hour, then I'll post it.