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Gore Loves you.
PRIME TIME AL - Gore held out for prime time media coverage in order to cast his vote in favor of the Gulf War!

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Ah! But that's not the media would have you believe! According to the New York Times: "So effective was his strategy, and so media-savvy his approach, that former Senator Alan K. Simpson of Wyoming, once the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, remembered: "We called him Prime Time Al. That's what he was known as in our cloakroom."

Media spin anyone?

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Al's abortion flip-flop
08/28/00 - I now have copies of Al Gore's voting record on abortion, his letters to constituents, and other documents. I'm typing up a lots now of exactly what I have, if anyone wants copies.




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Stuff Al did NOT say

- No, he didn't claim he and Tipper were the inspiration for Love Story
- No, he didn't mix up John 3:16
- He didn't claim to have started Love Canal
- He isn't lobbying for an Atheist president
- Beware of that "big list" of "Gore" quotes